Entrepreneur and Media IT girl Kim Opara has teamed up with sustainable womenswear brand Hertunba to create a one of a kind collection that is figure-flattering, bold and eye-catching.

According to the statement of the brand:

Every day, women live through attempts by society to shrink them. So much so that being yourself becomes an act of defiance, earning you names alongside other forms of discrimination. Despite this, some women refuse to be put in a box and are unapologetic.

These women are fearless as they cry, laugh, fight, love, lose and win. This collection is for those women. For women who live simply yet audaciously. For women who aren’t afraid to be called scandalous as they chase their goals. For women who show up every day to break the ceilings in their respective industries. For women who dare.

See the collection below.

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Brand: @hertunba