Rising fashion brand Katch has released a new collection ‘With Love — an ode to the beauty, sacrifice and joy of motherhood.’

The Lagos-based designer and creative director Onyeka Aniagwu, got his interest in fashion and style through his mother. From watching her get dressed as a little boy to their fond memories of conversations down to him giving her useful advice. All of which are the birth points for his debut collection.

According to Onyeka, the creative director:

Definitely, my mommy is the legitimate matriarch behind all my aesthetic sensibilities. I find the best compliment I’ve ever received is that I’m anything like her. She was everything -nurturing and selfless, fiercely protective, hardworking and comforting. My fascination and curiosity for her taste and strength, her will and skills started much earlier; day by day, growing at her side.

I learned so much from just watching and assisting her. From her devotion to family and work, to her respect and attachment to nature, and to human relationships and professional goals.

Everyone was made better in her presence — she was a true light in this world. I remember watching her get ready and always wanting her to put on more makeup. I feel I must make up for all the suffering she endured; for the sacrifices she made to let us enjoy growing up, and to always celebrate freedom and live fully.

While rummaging through old family photos and antediluvian style memories, he reminisced about the clothes his mother might have worn. He felt inspired to create a collection born out of a necessity and an aesthetic to which they both could relate — helping him find the much-needed closure to deal with the loss of his mother. He admits:

These are not experimental clothes but clothes with a story and a history. They are a reminder that style helps explain to the world who we are or (in most cases) who we would like to be. And in this context, style is like the memento that immortalizes the salient relationship shared between my late mommy and me.

Sometimes people as kind as her aren’t considered strong; that is part of how I design today. I want to make people look confident, smart and strong without giving up any pieces of themselves (for that). The pertinent thing I wish for people to connect with through the clothes is this mystical relationship mommy and I share. And most importantly, it translates to them when they’re worn.

Onyeka’s play on tones such as greens, beige, and brown, for this season can be interpreted quite literally. The crocheting and cross detailing depict the joys and sacrifice of motherhood — whether natural or chosen. However, these, in addition to his use of cotton, crepe and a collection of yarns is the perfect chemistry of craftsmanship.

See the full collection below:


Photography: @kingandjohnson

Models: @reivonmodels

Makeup: @p_boyssign_

Styling & Grooming: @tsd_studios

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