Despite its reputation as fashion’s biggest night, the Met Gala wasn’t the only game in town last week. As the fundraising event occupied a number of celebrities at the start of the week, basketball games, the Miami Grand Prix, and other events kept celebrities on their toes through the rest of the week, and trust them not to disappoint in the fashion department. Fashionable American men.

The Looks

For the game between the Philadelphia Sixers and the Miami Heat, NBA player James Harden walked into game-day in a green and yellow Bottega Veneta wavy triangle technical shirt which he coupled with a pair of green and black Bottega Veneta technical double panel trousers. Most likely sourced straight from the luxury brand, the vibrant clothing pieces were fit for a star athlete and are in tune with Harden’s style. While the look’s overarching mood was simple and not too much, Harden couldn’t help spicing things up with the addition of a pair of yellow Bottega Veneta puddle shoes and a yellow Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh duffle bag.

Over in the sunny city of Miami, Lewis Hamilton showed us that fashion is perhaps more important than a hot weather. The Formula 1 driver headed to the first day of the Miami Grand Prix in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton. His ensemble comprised of a technical track jacket, a hook detail gilt, a pair of slit evening pants, and a pair of LV runner tactic sneakers. A blue fever dream, it featured stripes as well as white and grey checks on the sleeves. To complement the sunny city, Hamilton opted for a pair of Off-White Virgil sunglasses.

The success or failure of any outfit comes down to whether or not it suits the wearer. Last week, through the various events that took place across the globe, Black men showed us how flexible they are with their style. Fashionable American men.

Check out the best fashion statements from last week’s best dressed Black men…

Lewis Hamilton

Photo: @gqsports | Instagram


Diamond Platnumz

Photo: @diamondplatnumz | Instagram


James Harden

Photo: @leaguefits | Instagram


LaQuan Smith

Photo: LaQuan Smith | Instagram


Tobias Harris

Photo: @asubers | Instagram


Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Photo: yahya/Instagram


Chris Paul

Photo: @protrending | Instagram


Adenola Adepetun

Photo: @denolagrey | Instagram


Darius Garland

Photo: @leaguefits | Instagram.


Photo: D’banj/Instagram

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