This week’s style muse is Ivorian fashion stylist and style influencer Prisca of “StyleMe”

Based in Oklahoma, this fashionista is fond of bold colours and combinations plus stunning accessories. Prisca isn’t afraid to stand out and create her unique style.

We are here for her aesthetics. If you are seeking inspiration on dressing up for the week, look no further, we have carefully curated seven impeccable looks for the week using the Prisca as a style guide.


It’s never too early to infuse denim pieces in the week, especially when it is as gorgeous as this combo.


Going wrong with white and gold should be a crime. I mean, look at her. Stunning!


Cause #BellaStylistas rock gorgeous pink pieces with their ensembles on Wednesdays. You should give it a try!


The marriage of these colours is simply brilliant! You could take notes from Prisca’s look here and infuse them into your unique style.


You know you are that baddie when you can colour block effortlessly into the weekend like this.


Brunch? Check! Dinner Date? Check! Picnic get-together? Check! It could not be more versatile and stunning!


You are definitely making the best-dressed list when you pull up like this at your next exclusive event. 

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