Louis Vuitton and NBA first collaborated in 2020 with footwear and accessories under the direction of the late Virgil Abloh, before releasing a Pre-Fall capsule that was considered the duo’s “most sumptuous ever.” This 2022, the mega brands have reunited for their third chapter, offering a striking, four-piece luggage collection in celebration of the NBA’s 75th anniversary.

Designed to “celebrate the values of basketball,” this latest collection comprises more than just your ordinary everyday luggage. Though, with Louis Vuitton involved, we all know nothing is ever ordinary. Unveiled in the latest campaign pictures for the release, the collaboration highlights “The Christopher” backpack, Dopp Kit, Pocket Organizer, Malle Courrier, Keepall 55, a woody eyewear case, a water bottle holder, all bearing the iconic blue, red, and white colorways of the NBA logo.

The collection also includes an LV-inscribed travel trunk that will contain the NBA’s new Larry O’Brien Trophy, which was redesigned by Tiffany & Co., as it has in prior years. A hand-painted “V” for victory, as well as the same LV basketball design, are featured on the trunk’s folding doors.

The NBA emblem is on the zipper, and there’s a red, branded basketball in the center, among other references to the league. White hoop netting appears at the bag’s sides, while black hang tags provide some adornment. The bag has a similar design, with the same cobalt blue monogrammed leather, NBA emblem, and branded basketball. It also sports black straps and gold hardware, as well as additional storage in the side pockets.

A bi-fold wallet complements the design, and a zipped travel pouch completes the set of accessories. The travel bag is embellished with a gold chain and a miniature NBA emblem at the bottom.

Prices for the capsule fall in line with the label’s high pricing, with the wallet coming in at $650, the travel bag at $1,700, the Keep-All at $4,300, and the backpack at $4,600. You can shop the Louis Vuitton x NBA accessory collection starting Thursday, June 2, on LV’s website.

Feature Image: Louis Vuitton x NBA

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