It’s the most wonderful time of the year—the season to make wishes, give gifts, and spread love. It’s also a good time to take stock and count your blessings for the coming year.

For MBN, it is an opportunity to celebrate the excellence of Nigerian brands and businesses. This has inspired them to launch Nigeria’s first-ever advent calendar featuring only Nigerian-owned brands.

Each featured brand has been carefully selected and will be celebrated for its hard work and dedication to creating superior quality products for Nigerian consumers. This advent calendar reaffirms the high demand for Nigerian creativity locally and abroad.

There is something for everyone in the beautifully crafted, richly green-colored box, which features lifestyle items ranging from books to self-care products, fashion items, and food. For lovers of sweet-smelling spaces, Dang! Lifestyle makes sweet fragrances.

For lovers of books, A Possible Future is a great recommendation as a gift. The box also features yummy chocolates from Dune and much more.

What’s really in the box?

Day 1: A Possible Future
Think about all the fantastic books you read growing up, and then roll them all up in one nicely designed paperback! Here, we feature Sterling’s limited edition of ‘A Possible Future’, an anthology of the best Nigerian writings.

This literary masterpiece is a great recommendation for avid readers and brings a nostalgic feeling to older readers.

Day 2: Greeting cards
Everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated. The MBN greeting cards are a reminder of who you are and what you are capable of this season and always.

Day 3: Tote bags by Carrierbags
Beautiful multifunctional tote bags are in style this season! Be sure to take a photo with the handcrafted totes featured in this year’s calendar.

Day 4: Village Veggies Mix by Tanggroo
Indulge your palate with the best-tasting Nigerian foods. You are most welcome!

Day 5: Ever Balm by Arami Essentials 
Ever Balm by Arami Essentials is excellent at moisturizing and healing very dry skin. Arami Essentials uses high-impact ingredients to achieve the best results for your skin and makes a great gift for men.

Day 6: Hand Lotion and Wash by Mint organic care
This lifestyle brand caters to bath, body, and hospitality products. The product catalog includes customized hand lotions, body products, gifts, and accessories, all locally handmade in sustainable batches.

They pride themselves on quality assurances and comforts, which is why it’s a great choice as a gift.

Day 7: Badagry African Fruit Jam (@badagryjam)
Badagry African Fruit Jam is what’s for breakfast every day this festive season. The low-sugar jam comes in a variety of flavors with no preservatives.

Day 8: Diffusers by DANG! (@danglifestyle_)
DANG provides a collection of body care products, fragrances, and scented candles for both men and women. This brand is well known for its close-knit and friendly community of customers.

It is a popular first choice for Nigerian-made fragrances.

Day 9: Coffee by Tigray @Tigray
Receivers of The MBN Advent Calendar are in for a treat since they’ll be the first to get a taste of this Kwarafa light roast from Tigray Coffee.

Tigray Coffee is known to source, grade, roast, blend, and distribute carefully made coffee to suit the elite coffee aficionado.

Day 10: Chocolate by Dune @
Dune chocolates belong in your home this festive season and always.

Day 11: You’ll have to find out. We promised not to tell!

Day 12: Keyrings
Handcrafted key rings to remind you of home.

Bonus Gifts:
A. Diffusers by @TulivuFragrance
Tulivi Fragrance promises to bring calm and relaxation to homes with its heavenly-smelling diffusers and scents.

B. Diffusers by Col Fragrance (@Colfragrances)
Col Fragrance reminds you to prioritize self-love and is the perfect gift for the season.

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