here’s so much to be grateful for, and if you’re missing one, remember this is the year “outside” felt safe again. We got to create events without restrictions and showed up in some truly fashionable takes. As we wind down to the end of 2022, now’s the right time to curate your New Year’s eve outfit as a way to set the style tone for the incoming year.

To successfully pick an outfit, your itinerary should be clear. Where would you be spending New Year’s eve? On the dance floor, at the movies, in parks, or if you are like most spiritual Black folks, perhaps your place of worship? One thing to string along is an appropriate outfit to suit your plans because if this sort of thing resonates with you, how you kick off the year sure matters.

Check out 7 New Year’s eve outfit ideas that are sure to make you dazzle into the new year… 

#1. A sparkling piece

A sequin dress is an obvious pick, and that’s acceptable depending on the style goal for the night. But also consider subtler shimmering options like a sparkling purse, shoes, skirt, or jacket if you prefer to soften the look. Attending holiday parties is nearly a prerequisite, so pin your party outfits ahead of time, but if you’re not big on it–no pressure.


#2. Dope color pairings

When it comes to New Year’s eve outfit ideas, the rules are different. Considering that the night’s a good reason to explore uncharted territories, opt for color pairings you’d usually shy away from. It’s a symbolic way to push yourself into being daring, trying out new things, and being unafraid to take new strides. Whether you believe it’s that deep or not, consider bold color combos that defy the traditional winter hues.


#3. Denim coordinations

We still need the casual fits because not all of us will be partying hard on New Year’s eve. A graphics tee or turtleneck tucked nicely into jeans and paired with a snappy blazer or a statement coat is a way to stay cozy without going low on style. If you’ve inevitably caught the festive bug, throw in a red glove for the culture.

#4. Sexy jumpsuits

Who needs a prolonged stay on the mood board when you can wear this one-does-it outfit? The stress of thinking up the right combo is taken away from you, so it leaves you with fewer excuses. Hence, when you choose the perfect jumpsuit, make it fab because you only have one job. Think more about fun details like a striking waistline belt, wide hems, sparkling fabric, and a catchy color, or go all out with accessories.

#5. Super-duper chic pants set

This everyday fashion piece could still work for a memorable New Year’s eve outfit. The key is to vamp up the fit with choice accessories. Try on a sandal heel and chain bag, or wear the set as separates. It could be lush satin textures, accordion pleats, or a comfy cotton set.


#6. A slit midi dress

Being dressy and relaxed is a form of good taste, and slipping into a stylish dress has its versatility cut out for you. You can still take a walk and enjoy the sights, attend an impromptu house party, or better still, meet up with that special person as you cross over into the new year. Whatever rocks your boat, chances are, a dependable dress in your corner will do right by you this holiday season.

#7. Sheer sass

A fantastic way to throw in your weight and feel a bit sexy is to lean into a sultry sheer coordination. It’s a happy night, and everyone’s trying to connect to a more confident part of themselves. If feeling sexy in a sheer dress does it for you, tons of barely-there looks could connect with your style. In addition, if you choose to take your New Year’s eve outfit easy, a sheer top styled with denim bottoms or sheer pants and a crop top could balance things out.

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