t seems the fashion portals are open and prints are, per usual, majestically strutting into our world. Simply put, subtlety isn’t the suitable style code for this season. With lots of print variations to keep every fashionista spoiled for choice, we get the memo. Sure, a few choose the rebellious route all season long but others put the colors and prints on hold. Well, not anymore! This season offers a good excuse to voraciously adopt all on-point print trends available for grabs regardless of where you’ve stood all along.

From clashing prints to floral combos, the reincarnating nature of prints ensures they step back into mainstream fashion without hitches. The unpredictability of prints lies in the designers and their ability to tweak it a little better every time. For the conservative, prints still remain sizzling on the menu. If you belong to the aforementioned group, opt for muted hues and let the prints express themselves void of a hue’s contribution. If you’re on the Bad and Boujee train, opt for avant-garde brush strokes and asymmetrical swirl prints for a statement worth speaking.

Check out 5 print trends that work just right for spring…

#1. Mix ‘N’ Match

Break all the rules known to fashion but maintain innovation and authenticity. It’s almost unbelievable that there was a fashion era to exist which saw clashing print as a style taboo. Gladly, the plethora of prints to combine are limitless, from pairing horizontal and vertical stripes to combining floral patterns.

#2. All-over logo prints

Designers are having so much fun printing their logos all over well-tailored outfits, and surprisingly, the results are far from tacky. This is one of the print trends to snag with zero effort. The trick is to accessorize accordingly to avoid a busy-looking outcome.


#3. Tie-dye print trends are so in

It’s true, tie-dye has been around longer than some of the Gen Z’s, but so have iPhones and they are still holding it down. The main factor to consider is the updated version and each feature these updates tender. Tie-dye prints are presenting themselves in an assortment of breathable fabrics and creatively coordinated ensembles—the kind of on-season prints trends every style girl approves of.


#4. Animal prints

For Spring/Summer 2022, high-end designers like Roberto Cavali have made a case for animal prints, especially tiger stripes. Perhaps, this has to do with the Year of the Tiger we’re all enjoying, or fashion’s insatiable taste for animalistic patterns. Regardless of what the case may be, this season presents a great opportunity to get dressed in animals! From printastic trench coats to a combination of animal print fits, the goal is to go big or go home. Think zebra, snakeskin, you name it!


#5. Wavy prints

Almost like a spring uniform—wavy and geometric prints are a wardrobe must-have. From the popular swirls to wavy zebra prints, these ubiquitous garments remain worthwhile. For a safari/vacation theme, play with fabric volumes and vivid colors for best results.

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