2022, what a year!

This year has been amazing in more ways than one. It’s two years after a pandemic that claimed lives, ruined properties and brought economies crumbling, but around the world, people have picked up these ruins and moulded them into something beautiful.

We can also say 2022 was that year for Africans. For one, we recorded groundbreaking successes around the continent. From sports to the arts and entertainment, science and technology, businesses and careers, Africans have blossomed and bloomed.

At BellaNaija, we decided at the beginning of this year to have a year of ease and sweetness, and we wanted to reflect this in our stories. This year, we have put the best of Africa forward, bringing you beautiful and heartening stories from around the continent. Stories that elevate us, stories that truly matter and stories that showcase the best of Africa and Africans.

Today, we look back at the year and all the work we have done with elation and deep satisfaction, and we cannot wait to share them with you, BellaNaijarians. You are a part of our journey and so we invite you, yet again, to join us as we celebrate our notable wins and moments, and the major highlights that made our year memorable.

Our Wins

  • For the second consecutive year, BellaNaija won Blog of The Year at the Beatz Awards.
  • Uche was invited to speak at the 2022 African Philanthropy Forum conference on the topic: Accelerating Economic Equity for Women.
  • IK and Mary attended the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington D.C.
  • Sandra and Lillian had 2 days of fun at the Boardroom Apartments in Lagos.

  • Uche was invited to speak at the 2022 International Women’s Day organised by Mondelez International (Cadbury Nigeria Plc)

  • Mary represented BN at the Africa Soft Power Project in Kigali and spoke at the “African Women Communicating Africa Forward” panel session.
  • In May, Uche graduated from one of the most reputable schools in the world: Havard Kennedy School.
  • Uche was in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire for the premier digital media conference in Francophone Africa – AdicomDays 2022.
  • Mary was in Johanessburg, South Africa to enjoy the soft life and take in the culture with SA Tourism.

  • Tomi represented BellaNaija Weddings on a panel at the EOPAN South/East event in Enugu.
  • Osas was a speaker at the APPOEMN TEIC 5.0 Dinner & Awards.
  • Mary Edoro was on Rubbin’ Minds on Channels TV to discuss Sustainable Fashion in Africa.
  • Osas was in Qatar for The Visa Everywhere Initiative Global Finale + Fifa World Cup

  • 9 to 5 Chick mentioned Dami as one of the Top 100 Career Women in Nigeria.
  • IK and Dami travelled to Abidjan for CANEX WKND.

  • Runor explored Ghana with Mara and attended Afro Nation Ghana 2022.

  • IK attended the Global Citizen Festival 2022 in Accra, Ghana.
  • We partnered with Marvel for Disney’s first African Premiere for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever media coverage.

Causes We Actively Supported and Promoted

  • BN was a part of the Women Radio x UN Women media training on how women can be well represented in media.
  • For another year, we spotlit several entrepreneurs and helped promote their businesses with #BNShareYourHustle.
  • We did a feature on the importance of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, encouraging everyone to be a part of it.
  • IK and Oluwadunsin worked with the Global Citizen team for a year-long campaign, IMPACTER, that cast the spotlight on Nigerian innovators making an impact in their communities and beyond.


  • For the second year, Dami interviewed movie stars for the BN Meet The Star series.
  • Shout-out to the BN Features team for such engaging and thought-provoking essays this year.
  • We had another successful Big Brother Naija coverage campaign – #BNxBBNaija7 – raking in more than 10 million views across all platforms.

  • Damilola giving us back-to-back with #BNRSVP; your go-to list for all the exciting events each weekend.
  • Another shoutout to Omotunde and the business team for ensuring that we keep making that dough at BN.

  • Tiri gbosa for our HR & Operations team for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and we are all taken kiaroff.
  • More shoutout to the social media and editorial team for their timely coverage of events like the #EndSARS memorial, award shows and events.

Social Media

BellaNaija Style

  • BellaNaija Style hosted “Cocktails and Conversations” with 4 African designers from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kigali at the Africa Soft Power Project in Kigali.
  • BellaNaija Style partnered with Multichoice for the 8th edition of the AMVCAs.
  • BellaNaija Style hosted the 3rd edition of its annual BNS Digital Summit.
  • BellaNaija Style launched a first-of-its-kind series tagged ‘HerVersations’ with Bill & Melinda Gates-supported advocacy company, WRTHY.

  • BellaNaija Style had one of the best coverages during Lagos Fashion Week 2022.
  • Sandra facilitated key interviews for BNStyle Exclusive with Jemima Oyeleke, Kefilwe Mabote, among other notable figures.

BellaNaija Ads

We cannot forget the ads team: Motunde, Layomi, Adaugo, Collette, Allen and Damilola who kept it together in the business department. This year, we partnered with Makari Amplification, Adicomdays 2022, Canex 2022, BP X WAKANDA African Premiere, WARIF TFAA Lagos Talks Town Hall Meeting, TRACE, TrendUpp Awards, Adicomdays, Gele Expo, EMY Africa, Appoemn, EOPANSE, Obong of Calabar Tourney, and EWL and many more – all thanks to this amazing team.

BN Weddings

We love love stories, don’t we? And the BN Weddings team brought lots of this our way.

  • BN Weddings got an Award of Appreciation from APPOEMN.
  • BN Weddings hosted IG Live Conversations monthly, covering various topics around love, weddings and the happy ever after journey.
  • BNW introduced the 12 Days of Christmas Mini-series.

BN Features

We had so many fire essays this year, but some have stood out for us.

BN creatives corner

For the second year, BN Creatives’ Corner brought us cool features of creatives from 3 African countries, throwing the spotlight on their creativity, and struggles, and acknowledging the amazing art they are feeding our souls with.

BN give your boo a shoutout

BN Features, with Roving Heights, invited love birds to write letters to each other and win a copy of Bolu Babalola‘s Love In Colour.

BN hot topic

What better way is there to capture trendy and interesting topics in the country than BN Hot Topic? If you are looking for sizzling and quick reads, BN Hot Topic is sure to bring them your way.

BN storytelling series

We are all about telling important stories. It is little wonder that BN Features introduced the How Should We Tell African Stories series featuring storytellers this year.

Quick interviews

BN Features had a series of quick interviews with founders and changemakers who are building and innovating in Nigeria and beyond.

BN Epilogues

Every year, BN Epilogues gives BellaNaijarians the chance to be a part of our year by sharing their wins, losses, joys, pains, successes and everything in between with us.

Our Amazing Contributors

A major shout-out to our amazing contributors. They turned up and brought their A-game, writing on a variety of topics, lending their voices to important issues, challenging us with thought-provoking pieces and many more. Thank you – Mfonobong Inyang, Titilayo Olurin, Farida Yahya, Kehinde Egbanubi, Wunmi Adelusi, Smart EmmanuelAkanna Okeke, Rita Chidinma, Yetty WilliamsNimi Akinkugbe, Dennis Isong, Adedayo Adedamola, Tola OladijiTobi Eyinade, Comet Nwosu – and many more, for being a part of our 2022.

The BN Team

The BN team is made up of super-talented and exceptionally brilliant people, no cap! Remember we said we had a year of ease and sweetness? Now, let’s hear what the team has to say about 2022 and what they look forward to in 2023.

Uche – Founder and CEO of BellaNaija

It was a year to remember. Now, I look back with gratitude for those precious moments of joy. Thank you, 2022.

Pamela – Human Resource Manager

The beautiful thing about learning and up-skilling yourself is that nobody, No single person can take it away from you. This year has been one laced with a lot of learning (mostly personal) I learned to be silent and observe, the irony of it was I noticed that my silence spoke more volumes than my words. I hope to continue on this path and carry this over to 2023. 2023 holds great promise for me, for BN for the team, I look forward to exploring more uncharted waters…We move!!!

Dorcas – HR & Operations

Believe in yourself and know your capabilities; there is nothing you can’t achieve as a person. It might take a while, but you will eventually. I wish I had known that earlier; looking back, all I can say to myself now is well done. 2022 was a great year, and joining the BN team has been a great learning curve for me. I’m all gassed up for the next year and all the great things I know I’ll achieve. Cheers to my super amazing team.

Rashidat – Operations Coordinator

2022 started on a very low note for me, but i never stopped believing in myself and the magic I could create. Life is a journey you can only put one foot forward at a time.

Peju – Finance Manager

“It’s been good and it’s been God all the way. Keep working, keep believing, keep innovating, keep trying, keep pushing, and in due time your results will be amazing to everyone”

IK – Content Lead

I’m grateful for another end of the year. We did a lot of great work this year and I’m very excited about it. On to the next!

Damilola – Senior Content Associate, BN Editorial

Wow! It’s my fourth BN wrap-up. How time files. Another year of successfully working 100% remotely with the team. I had so many wins in 2022 and many lessons learned. From ground-breaking interviews to being nominated as one of the Top Career Women in Nigeria by 9to5Chick, successfully covering BBNaija 2022, and wrapping up the year with my first trip to Cote d’Ivoire, 2022 has been a year filled with so much. I’m thankful for all of 2022. The highs. The lows. The setbacks. The comebacks. Everything. I’m excited to see what 2023 has to offer me.

Lilian – Content Associate II, BN Editorial

You can’t stop time, even when the light turns red. Take it easy, enjoy the ride… We go again next year! 🎉

Kwubei – Content Associate 1, BN Editorial

I am grateful for the year I had. Some lows and some really amazing moments. I am looking forward to the new year and I hope to continue growing, really.

Ahmad – Content Associate, BellaNaija Features

I have come to realise that life is nothing without challenges. 2022 was a challenging year and I am glad I stepped into it. I am looking forward to what 2023 has to offer. 2022 was that year.

Oluwadunsin – Senior Content Associate, BellaNaija Features

2022 came with its own challenges but here I am, writing this. I survived and I am grateful. 2023 will surely come with more clarity, ease and comfort, and I am truly excited about it all.

Oke – Team member, BellaNaija Design

2022 has been a great year for me. Started it depressed because I wanted to achieve many things. I just let go of the thoughts and allowed God to take control. And it has been spendid! Been a year of growth in all ramifications.. Can’t wait for 2023!

Omotunde – Head of Partnerships and Projects

I began the year with a high level of uncertainty but 2022 taught me that “You can only see the light at the end of the tunnel ‘IF’ you keep Moving”. I am glad for the opportunities that came my way, the guide I received to pull through it and the encourage BN offers at large. I am eager to take 2023 on – With Full Force.

Collette – Ads Associate II, BellaNaija Ads

I started this year with no plan, I was filled with anger and tiredness as it felt like I had not achieved anything in life. And at the end of 2022, all I can say is believe in yourself and especially in things you subconsciously think you cannot achieve. Dream big, develop yourself, broaden your scope, and tap into your inner creativity. Only you can determine your happiness. Cheers to new beginnings.

Adaugo – Ads Associate II, BellaNaija Ads

2022 was a year of many wins. It taught me that we underestimate ourselves, forgetting the power within us and much more the power of our collective community. And that if for one moment we fall back into ourselves, what we would realise is that we are rhe ones we’ve been waiing for.

Onyinye – Ads Associate I, BellaNaija Ads

One thing 2022 taught me for sure was to never give up. You may not see your progress but in reality, you are actually much closer to your goal than you think.

Layomi – Ads Associate I, BellaNaija Ads

My 2022 has been filled with lessons upon lessons, and the 2 major lessons I’ve always known came to the front this year. The first is that attitude makes the difference It is my favourite quote and I live my life that way. Second is that love is the key – feel your heart and your life with love and you will feel great inside out.

So in 2023, I will keep improving my attitude, maintain great energy and love way more.

Allen – Ads Associate I, BellaNaija Ads

My year started with a lot of lows but instead of feeling bitter about it, I looked for ways to learn from each experience and ended things on a high. While I’m counting down the seconds until the new year, I’m gonna approach the new year determined to uncover the potential that each new day holds.

Damilola – Ads Associate I, BellaNaija Ads

2022 was truly an interesting year! Thankful for the turns, the wins, and the “God abegs.” 

I’m satisfied and happy. 2023 – I’m particularly excited about this one. It’s going to be the best year yet; I know this!

Mary – Head of Content, BellaNaija Style

2022 was a tough year, but in spite of everything – we did it, we made it!

We worked on so many wonderful, impact-led projects this year and it is just a testament to our hardworking team BN, the amazing BellaNaija platform, and the support from our incredible BellaNaijarians and BellaStylistas! I’m grateful for how phenomenal 2022 was and I’m excitedly looking forward to what next year brings.

Cheers to 2023!

Sandra – Content Associate II, BellaNaija Style

I’m thankful for 2022 and the growth that came with it. It’s imperative to celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings. The best is yet to come.

Osas – Content Associate II, BellaNaija Weddings

2022 has been a learning curve. From weathering challenges, to charting new terrains, growing and becoming. Super grateful for the lessons, blessings and ultimately, the growth.

Rebekah – Content Associate I, BellaNaija Weddings

I entered 2022 with so many ‘What Ifs’ but I’m excited I get to leave with more clarity. It was such a sweet year and this is me patting myself on the back, ‘Weldone Rebekah!’ Can’t wait to see all the goodness that 2023 brings.

Thank you, BellaNaijarians for being a part of the BellaNaija 2022 story. Thank you for following, engaging and sticking with us. We are because you are.

Let’s do this again in 2023!