antone has disclosed its color for 2023 as Viva Magenta 18-1750, and it’s safe to say the go-big-or-go-home hue has already got 2023 on lockdown. The recent chaotic happenings around the world could use a spirit-lifting shade and boisterous hue, contrasting to the subtle Pantone color of the past year, Veri Peri. Incorporating Viva Magenta into your home decor or style could be an apt way to plot a new story reminiscent of a fresh start.

If you’re looking to make a real statement, but not sure where to start, Viva Magenta is a socially inclined color that hinges on the biggest trends and is sure to give you a notable statement. This year promises more appearances of tenacious shades of pink and purple, and the Spring/Summer runway collections are further proof. Hence, Magenta in your 2023 wardrobe is a major fashion key.

Check out a few ways to infuse Pantone viva magenta into your 2023 looks…

#1. Play with neutrals

There are a ton of ways to work the color into your look with great impact. For starters, try pairing a magenta blouse with beige trousers or midi skirts, and finish off with nude heels. The neutral tones in this look will serve as the perfect base to enable the Viva Magenta hue to pop.

#2. Go bold

You can opt for a fiercer look by teaming it with other colors like yellow, orange, or lime green. For example, try pairing a Viva Magenta blouse with green pants for a vibrant, chic look. Or, work subtle magic to your all-magenta look with a gray scarf or belt. Otherwise, wear a deep fuchsia dress with yellow heels or a magenta blouse with a blue statement purse.


#3. Get practical with denim

Magenta looks great with jeans, especially if you want to add a pop of color to a more casual fit. You can wear your magenta blouse with any style of jeans, from skinny to wide-leg or boyfriend jeans. Depending on the occasion, you could dress the outfit up in heels or dress it down with sneakers.

#4. Elevate your businesswear/formal look

Why not try a sheath dress in the Pantone Viva Magenta? This style is perfect for highlighting your curves, and the color will add a pop of brightness to the office. Pair with nude or black heels and a simple purse for a polished look. (For an outfit this bright, don’t forget to consider your office dress policy). Otherwise, wear a lighter shade of magenta (maybe a pale pink) blouse with a pair of ivory pants to tone down the brightness. To continue the corporate vibe, you could pair the look with simple black or nude pumps.

#5. Dazzle for a girls’ time out

For a night out, opt for a glamorous sass in a Viva Magenta number. The deep red hue will make you stand out in a sea of predictable fashion and will look amazing against a plethora of skin tones. Style with crystal/diamond earrings, a metallic clutch, and stilettos for an unforgettable look.

#6. Be chilled in a casual fit

For a casual day out, try a relaxed cotton top in Magenta. The soft cotton fabric will be comfortable to wear all day long, and the bright hue will add some fun to your outfit. Pair with sneakers or sandals and a denim jacket for a cool vibe.

#7. Mix and match

Try combining patterns and textures with your magenta piece. For example, you could wear Magenta pants with a patterned jacket or a rose-pink blouse with a printed skirt.

Wearing a belt over your magenta blouse or fitted blazer can help define your waist and create a more structured look. Additionally, you can wear a thin belt over a blouse for a more relaxed fit, or a thicker belt over a blouse with a fitted silhouette.

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Accessorize with Pantone Viva Magenta

Accentuating your outfit with different variations of Viva Magenta is an easy way to add a pop of color. You can either sport it as an accessory, like a scarf or a handbag, or layer it with your clothes.

#1. Shoes

Magenta pumps or stiletto are the perfect ways to add a touch of color to brighten up any outfit. Wear a stiletto with a monochrome look, like a white pantsuit or a black dress.

#2. Bags

A simple and classy way to steal the show with Pantone Viva Magenta is to rock a pastel purple bag. This way, you accommodate your essentials and make a style statement.

#3. Hats

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A dark magenta hat is the perfect finishing touch for the right outfit––especially formal looks. Top it on monochrome look or pair it with a floral dress for a timelessly elegant look.

#4. Sunglasses

Chic sunglasses always aim to add a splash of color on a cool day—and can be worn in so many ways.

Bonus tip: Experiment with different shades. There are many shades of magenta, from pale pink to deep fuchsia. To keep things interesting, play around with a good number to see which works best for you.

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