You obviously can’t think about winter without coats coming to mind. Because when the temperature dips, nothing else can keep you from freezing, literally. For the fashionable woman, coats are not just an essential piece to survive the cold seasons, they are also the perfect cover to complete a stylish layered look. Whether you’re rocking an everyday or statement designer coat, finding the right inspiration is key to elevating your 2023 winter style.

With the coat trends we’ve spotted lately, style stars and fashion influencers are proving that winter doesn’t have to be cold and dull. You can still have fun with your look, which ultimately influences how you feel. So whether you’re pulling off a casual style take or an office-ready look, there are so many ways you can style your winter coat to perfection.

From trench leather coats to double-breasted and reefer coats, you’ll certainly find some inspiration to help switch up your winter-style game like a pro.

Styling tip: The easiest way to elevate any coat look is to simply style it with statement accessories that match the occasion and intended vibe.

Our editors have curated 31 stunning looks that serve a combination of color coordination tips, as well as accessorizing tricks on harmonizing your winter look with stylish coats.

Check out 28 stylish coat looks to help you ease into the season…

Puffer coat

The style gods agree that puffer coats are one of the most interesting ways to work some edge into your ensemble this winter. From Rihanna to Kanye West and everyone in between, the fashion world is busting with excitement on numerous ways to do justice to the puffer coat. In addition, this style essential comes in handy on those extra-cold winter days when heavy warmth and a sure slay are just what you need.

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No, you don’t have to be a superhero before you can slay in a cape. All you need is some basic styling knowledge and you too can pull it off effortlessly. For example, if you’re looking to make a resounding statement, opt for a cape with rich details like contrasting prints, textures, and even metallic details. While the cape serves as the focal point of your ensemble, it’s important to keep the other parts subtle. On the other hand, if your entire outfit is subtle, then use accessories to draw attention. In your face superman!

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Double-breasted coats

When it comes to styling a classic look, few coats can compete with the double-breasted variation. They instantly add a certain level of chic appeal to any look, and they do this with very little effort. That is to say, styling a double-breasted coat can be as simple as throwing it over a turtleneck and pants like Charlie Kamale has done so stylishly below.

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Teddy coat

Are teddy coats still in this 2023? Of course! Fashion designers are showing no signs of letting the trend go with big brands like Max Mara and Ann Taylor showcasing it on the runway. Other than that, both online and offline stores are loading up on the teddy coat as buyer demand remains high. This simply means that should you pick one, two, or five for your 2023 winter slay. You’ll definitely be in the right. 

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Unique coats

For lovers of effortless style, get ready to fall in love with Nigerian-American journalist Lola Ogunnaike. Her checkered asymmetric hem coat is the kind of coat that informs others of your nonconforming yet relatable nature—or so we think.


Trench coat 

When we said coat, this is arguably the first picture that popped into your mind. Trench coats are the most famous variation of coats and for good reason. They come in a multitude of colors and styles that any woman can find one that ticks her fancy. Whether you style yours with denim, a t-shirt, and/or a sweater, or you decide to go rock star in an all-black fix, the trench coat look is surely a win every time.

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