You’re already sweating and your workout hasn’t even begun. Well, it’s still summer. Sportswear is designed to keep you feeling cool during sweaty workouts but what do you do when rising temps get in the way? Staying cool when exercising in hot conditions can improve your athletic performance, whether it’s competitive sports or personal training. Follow our guide to summer sportswear so you can stay cool in summer whilst you workout.

Check out 5 ways to stay cool in the right sportswear while working out in hot conditions…

#1. Choosing sportswear materials

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When looking for summer sportswear, the material is key. Choosing lightweight, breathable materials allows hot air to escape, keeping your skin cooler. Look for clothing that’s moisture-wicking – often made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon. Moisture-wicking clothing quickly moves sweat to the outer surface of the material, along with rapidly drying to avoid sweat saturating the fabric. This means you can feel less sticky during exercise and avoid the added weight of damp sportswear. Plus, it also helps with odor control.

Certain sportswear materials should be avoided during summer as they increase your body’s temperature. For instance, cotton may be comfortable to wear but it actually absorbs moisture and sweat, increasing body temperature. It’s also best to skip rubber-based fabrics as they prevent sweat from evaporating and maintain high body temperatures during workouts.

#2. Watch out for the sun

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When it’s sunny, you might be tempted to opt for a vest so there’s less material on your skin. However, if you’re joining outside sports or going for a run, your skin will be more exposed to the sun – increasing the risk of sunburn. Choosing a lightweight short-sleeved sports shirt will keep your skin protected from UV rays.

#3. Consider hydrating sportswear

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We aren’t talking about clothing that hydrates you on the go (although that would be awesome), we mean clothing that gives you easy access to water during exercise. In hot conditions, it’s important to replenish fluids lost through sweating, so if you know you’ll be exercising for a long period of time, having a bottle of water at hand is vital.

You can get different styles of sportswear accessories such as handheld water bottles with comfort grips and belts with water bottle holders. These may be better for active sports sessions like gym workouts or team sports to free up your hands. Plus, it’s somewhere to put your keys and phone.

#4. Opt for sweat-free trainers

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You’ve probably noticed that your feet get very hot during exercise, which is why it’s so important to choose trainers with ventilation. Women’s and men’s sports shoes are designed for flexibility, durability, and support, often with cushioned interiors for added comfort. In summer, opting for lightweight mesh upper trainers can give your feet room to breathe and can even feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all. These types of sports trainers are designed for optimal comfort, with more flexible cushioning without restricting or overheating your feet.

#5. Get the size right

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Choosing the right sized clothes is always important, often because of how it looks when you’re wearing them. However, when it comes to sportswear, it’s not just how you look but also how you feel and perform. Loose clothing tends to be more comfortable to move in and will keep you cooler. If your top is snugly fitted, it’s more likely to feel clammy and stick to your skin during a workout.

However, be cautious you don’t opt for clothing that’s too oversized as baggy clothing can make it more difficult to perform and can get in the way during certain sports activities.

These are the top five things to consider when trying to stay cool during warm workouts. You can find suitable sportswear in most sports retailers or on a fashion shopping app that will keep you cool even in hot conditions.

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