Statement tops are exactly what they are called and are totally making a major statement this year. Although they’ve been around for quite a while, the latest renditions are downright creative with little regard for timidity. They have so craftily made their way into every style girl’s closet giving an easy way to add some sauce even to the simplest fashion takes. 

So what really makes a blouse a statement one? Think wildly innovative sleeves, layered ruffles, exaggerated bows, and artsy pleats. Style influencers like Toke Makinwa and Jenee aka Highlowluxxe can be trusted to be present on every fashion trend, so when we saw them making a case for statement tops, we knew that the trend has indeed come in swinging hot.

Statement blouses are so versatile, given that they can be paired with a variety of bottoms. Also, with a statement top, it’s easy to stand out from a crowd of dresses and jumpsuits. Celebrities like Chloe Bailey and Majorie Harvey have also shown their preference for statement tops and soon you’ll see why bigger is better when it comes to slaying in blouses in 2022.

Check out 5 SR-approved ways of styling statement tops in 2022…

#1. Studded with glamour

What’s the fun in wearing a plain white shirt when you can get all the attention in a crystal-embellished one? Yes, a shirt with interesting cuts and embellishments can manage to uphold its classic demeanor while flaunting a glamorous side. For an elevated casual look, pair it with cargo jeans and brightly-colored pumps. 


#2. Heavy sleeves

The exaggerated-sleeved blouse will certainly command attention anywhere you go, especially in a bold color like red. This statement top is one of the most popular options because what girl doesn’t like to Buga (the latest Nigerian slang for showing off)? Depending on the style, you can rock this with any kind of bottoms — from skirts to pants, and shorts. 


#3. Wrapped with a bow

This is an absolutely chic route to slaying statement tops as it merges drama and poise. Generally, bow-detailed tops are a great choice for an evening engagement like a dinner date. When styling this variation, keep the rest of your ensemble minimal as the bow should remain the focal point. In addition, your bare shoulders mean that you have room to rock statement earrings to add more character to your outfit. But please, resist the temptation to wear a necklace as it will only distract from the bow.

#4. No back

Surprises are a great way to make a statement, and what better way to do that than with a no-back blouse? Imagine walking into a room and everyone thinks all they see is all there is until you turn your back and boom! Talk about business in the front and party at the back. The strength of this blouse is in its back so you want to style it in a way that bears that in mind. That is to say, your bra shouldn’t be in sight. When rocking this blouse, ditch the boring regular bras and opt for silicone bras like the types below.  



#5. The long top

Sitting pretty between a dress and a top is this uber-feminine blouse that evokes a sense of luxury when paired correctly. While not every long top is a statement piece, variations with cuts, pleats, ruffles, and even shoulder pads surely speak volumes. You want to continue the luxury feel by maximizing the use of accessories like a good selection of jewelry and a small purse.

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