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While carrying a purse whenever you step outside is a thing that cannot be ruled out, another thing that deserves equal attention is the kind of purse you carry, and how it can sync in with your overall look. Have you ever heard of African printed purses? If you consider a purse as a must-have accessory, then it’s impossible that you haven’t crossed your paths with such an exquisite product.

Today, African printed easy-to-carry purses have backed #1 position among the most exotic handpicked collection- that one cannot afford to let go amiss.

This small and compact box most commonly known as ladies’ hand purses can carry the entire world of essential items you require and also push forth the unique fashion statement, every time you carry it along.

Knowing everything that this purse does for you, thus, in this blog, we will walk you through a list of reasons why investing in one of a kind hand clutch purse is going to be truly an investment, also how you can keep it well-organized in every kind of situation.

1. It Is Unique: Women of the modern age are way past what used to trend in the old times. And this has got to do with purses, in the same way, it is with any fashionable clothing and accessories. African printed clutch or purse has backed the spot among #1 item that women cannot get over. It’s unique, effortlessly chic, and versatile enough to amp up your fashion game.

2. Flaunt The Minimalistic Attitude: Does your fashion sense resonate with the “less is more” attitude? Then, clearing the clutter out of your purse is a great way to begin! Clutches encourage us to pick only important items, thus reducing the chance of overstuffing it with what you haven’t used for years.

3. Feel Contemporary: The clean edges and boxy feel of clutches give it a straightforward contemporary look. The clutch stands out as a perfect addition to any #OOTD toppled with extra oomph.

4. Quick Wardrobe Refresher: We all have been there, and did that most of the time. Adding a touch of something new can go a really long way, instilling change for the better. Rather than wasting all your hard-earned money behind new clothes, pick the best hand clutch purse and feel free to carry it just the way you like, and let your fashion taste do justice to your efforts.

5. Give Your Shoulders, Neck and Back a Break: Carrying a heavy shoulder bag has always been the reason behind back pains and muscle strains, the ones we never wanted to happen. Anyone who has tackled the burden of carrying a purse on the back can understand how the struggle gets real. So, if you give up on this kind of backpack, we have good news for you! You can check out a hand purse instead, that will carry all the essential items you need without hurting your back, the way the former does.

Here’s How You Can Stay Fashionably Organized When You Carry a Clutch Purse

What’s in Your Clutch Purse or Purse?

While carrying a purse or a clutch is necessary, what’s not account for the things that unnecessarily occupy the space, leaving you confused, and bringing a lot of inconveniences. This is where most of your problems begin, overburdening a compact purse with things you feel you might need just in case, and most unlikely to happen.
Items commonly found in a woman’s purse range from keys, mobile, wallet, credit cards, store cards, other important cards, cash, receipts, make-up, a small mirror, hairbrush, comb, hair accessories, nail file, and even tweezers. It can also have perfume, deodorant, lip balm, jewelry, glasses, sunglasses, sunscreen, medicines, lotion, band-aids, dental floss, hand sanitizer, safety pins, sewing kit, and tissues.

And don’t forget the items like a notepad, pen, water bottle, flashlight, USB flash drive, portable music player, earphones, mints, and other kinds of munchies.

On top of all of this, other items they might carry along, include an umbrella, magazine, book, eBook reader, hat, scarf, or gloves.

Don’t you think it’s way too much stuff? Well, some might make sense, whereas others can be avoided, if not always but only temporarily. Swipe below to get a quick solution, so that you don’t overstuff your purse.

How to Have a Clear-out?

“Everything in my bag is essential”, we know this is exactly the way you feel. But if you actually give a sincere thought and go through them one after another, you’ll be able to spot items you have been needlessly carrying to and fro.

Here’s how to unload the unnecessary items out:

Dig a spot for things you carry on an occasional basis: Firstly, create a place in your home where you can keep things that you carry in your purse on an occasional basis. The spot for such items can be a drawer, box, shelf, or whatever you find manageable and easy to latch on.

If it’s called rubbish, make sure you show an exit gate to all such items out of your purse. When you are on this kind of critical mission, make sure that you have a bin near you as you sort things out and expel the rubbish out of your purse.

They carry a considerable amount of weight and mount up. Make sure that you keep a few, and put the rest in the money box.

Carry only the ones you will need. Leave additional ones at home.
Create a place in your bag for all sorts of receipts that come along with any purchase you make. Follow up and discard any that you don’t need, and file the rest in monthly folders so that you can easily go through your bank and credit card statements.

Credit cards, store cards, and other cards
Do you have many? Do you really need to carry them all? Think about it. You will get your answer.
Things You Never Use

This is going to be simple. Just take out things you have been carrying but haven’t used for more than a year.
Put those things back in your bag you need for today. Place other items back in the drawer or box.

The Bottom Line
Purses play a unique role in helping you make the right move whenever you step out! They hold a special place in our daily lives and investing in the ones carrying a beautiful African print will keep you fashionably functional- just the way you are!
Also, do not forget the tips to keep your purse organized- it is the most important factor among all!

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