These days, menswear is being discussed more and more, and we’re loving it. We can tell you that the stylish men out there kicked back all restraints as they stepped into 2022 resulting in one unforgettable year of serious fashion moments from the big boys. This year, we witnessed several components of menswear, including layering, unpredictable match-ups, and experimenting with forms and colors. From Lagos to New York, London to Johannesburg, fashionable men kept the ball rolling and it was almost impossible to keep up. But we did! Best Dressed Male Celebrities 2022.

From the red carpet to NBA tunnel walks and the high fashion streets, these are the best dressed male celebrities of the year 2022. With the help of their ever-dependable stylists, these men redefined menswear and what it means to dress for your unique frame in a year when the fashion competition was hot. That is to say, we had one heck of a challenge curating this list considering the #stylestatements dandy men dared to make this year. But in the end, these 10 men stood out for their individuality, sense of style, and undeniable confidence. Even 007 has nothing on them.  

From LeBron James to Steve Harvey, here are our best dressed men of 2022…

#10. LeBron James

A classic man through and through, he’s the quintessential gentleman. Whether sporting a tailored suit or a body-hugging sweater and slacks, the man looks good. Even when he’s dressed casually in sneakers and sportswear, LeBron James embodies the fit in such a way that only he can.

What undoubtedly adds to his allure is that he looks like the guy next door: accessible without being erratic. His style has definitely evolved throughout the years, but he’s always kept his clean look elevated.


#9. Lewis Hamilton

Sticking to his guns this year, Lewis Hamilton stayed true to his familiar favorite brands, more often than not rocking up-and-coming fashion brands. Hamilton has always been known to platform brands in the little leagues like he did last year when he bought an entire table for Black up-and-coming designers at the Met Gala.

Luckily for Hamilton, his arsenal was firing on all cylinders. From Dior and Louis Vuitton to Valentino and New Balance, the athlete and philanthropist covered each and every base in 2022, being ready for both a race at 3 p.m. and a runway show at 7 p.m.


#8. Steph Curry

Both on and off the court, basketball player Steph Curry is the embodiment of refined elegance. A deal with fashion retailer Express is not the reason he is considered one of the best-dressed men in the world. He has a special type of alchemy that makes him a style icon. Curry is always well-dressed — whether in his sports gear or while going to different events. Add to that his all-around class and you see why many can’t get enough. 

#7. PJ Tucker

PJ Tucker took 2022 for a spin when it comes to fashion due to his determination to do things differently. Defined by a quiet swagger, his style is anything but boring. His keen eye for detail, his preference for the looser modern cut, and his love of color make his style that of a true fashion aficionado.

Plus, he is a master of simple layering and flamboyant pieces — giving a brilliant fashion juxtaposition which has certainly earned him many spots on our “Best Dressed” list. Mr. Tucker has a knack for knowing what works for him, and he’s not shy about showing the rest of the world what he’s made of.


#6. Tyrod Taylor

It’s not too hard to see where this pick came from. Tyrod Taylor hasn’t just been putting it on for athletes, but also for men in general. Mixing it with the big boys in sports and fashion, Taylor’s name has been thrown around with fashion royalty in recent weeks as many begin to discuss 2022’s style icons, and that praise isn’t misplaced. Having a truly memorizing ability to suit anything and everything, the NBA pro player’s looks are always showstoppers, not being afraid to vary in brand choice and silhouettes. An easy choice for this year’s top 10.


#5. Russell Westbrook

Other than being a talented basketball player, Russell Westbrook might have a bright career in styling. What adds to the appeal o his fits is that he isn’t afraid to go the unconventional route and he manages to score a solid A regardless of how unexpected his fits are. From skirts to shorts, denim-on-denim to leather-on-leather, Westbrook really has a thing for exploring various aspects of fashion and we absolutely approve.  


#4. Idris Elba

This experienced actor and artiste has come a long way on the red carpet, and we’re starting to get more of a feel for who he is from a fashion standpoint. Look at all the put-together outfits he served us this year, and you wouldn’t arrive at a different opinion! In 2022, Idris Elba dialed up the swag, from the red carpet to the streets, and every offering was a sight to behold.

#3. Dwyane Wade

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s just been something special about Dwyane Wade this year. Whether it’s his undeniable charm, infectious personality, or ever-intriguing style, everything Wade does seem to translate this sense of cool, calm, and collected air of attraction. Whatever it is, it’s worked for us, as by the end of 2022, the 40-year-old proved to be one of the hottest things in the menswear category. Best Dressed Male Celebrities 2022


#2. Burna Boy

I think it’s about time we had a wider discussion about Burna Boy’s infinite drip. Always seeming to fly his fashion flag high, the Port Harcourt-raised musician adds just as much bounce to his luxury-laden ensembles as he does to his music, no doubt being the king of individualistic style on this year’s roster.

Largely dominated by contrasting colors and fabrics, Burna’s swag often looks like it shouldn’t work, yet it does. Every. Single Time. From leather and pleats to denim and knit, the Grammy Award-winning star always seems to pull a fit together, whether it’s thematically inspired or being suited and booted for a runway show.


#1. Steve Harvey

The fashionista of all fashionistas in the men’s category, Steve Harvey takes his rightful spot in Style Rave’s top 10, arguably being one of the most detail-oriented dressers on the list. From Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford to Dior and Prada, the eclectic style of Harvey will never fail to amaze. A noticeable change in the TV presenter’s more recent fits has been his approach to shape and layering, which has led him to continue pushing boundaries.

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