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African fashion originates from the combination of multiple African print fabrics. Over the years, the fashion industry witnessed that there has been an all-inclusive acceptance of African fashion throughout the globe. Apart from regular clothes, you may even buy African print gowns, trousers, tops, African jackets, shirts, and the rest. African print fabrics are practiced in producing a range of fashion accessories. From the variety of bags, footwear, hats, bangles, headpieces, and more, the application of African print designs has evolved beyond just outfits.

Stated below are the best three ways to produce African print:

  • Ankara Wax Print Fabric: This bears an obscure method whereby wax patterns (which hold the color from touching certain fabric parts) are carried onto the fabric, and then dyes are placed bit by bit.
  • Bogolan (Mud Cloth): This is produced via the detailed method of dyes being applied onto the cloth (usually by hand) utilizing stencils as well as natural pigments from the earth & different elements of nature.
  • Kente: It is a fabric intricately knitted to produce astonishing, colorful materials and bold designs often practiced as ceremonial clothes by several Africans and African Americans.

All three are used to interpret culture, status, fashion, or personality – it’s all reliant on the individual at hand. One point is sure, though – while wearing African clothing such as African prints jackets, you’re always bound to stand out!

Thanks to creatively putting together ideas and designs, African fashion designers have put African fashion on the international mark. With the booming patronage of African celebrities embracing African prints, the progression of the African heritage has become more obvious to trade to the rest of the world.

Top Reasons The World Continue To Embrace African Print Jackets 

When a particular fashion and style is almost impeccable and can accommodate everything you demand to wear even more elegantly and uniquely, there’s absolutely no point watching elsewhere. That’s also a significant reason why anyone, including renowned celebrities, wears African print parkas and jackets.

The Vibrant Patterns 

African Prints’ vibrant patterns of Jackets are an evident fascination to trend followers all over the globe. The print patterns are composed with a certain degree of uniqueness. They are often deliberately crafted into countless different designs from which fashionistas can pick. When it comes to jackets, new patterns are introduced to the market now and then, ensuring that fashion-conscious trend followers globally have something to look ahead to every single day.

Rare and Sells Our Unique Culture

The African printed jackets we compose at AKN Fabrics & Textiles are unique and sell our original culture. Each print is different from the other, offering a unique style to fashion-conscious people. For your information, national and international stars have worn print jackets purely or partly designed in African prints to red carpets and prestigious events.

Often Packed With Vivid Colors

Honestly, African Prints are the most colorful designs globally. We all use vivid shades in our lives to cheer our daily moods. It always seems pleasant to step out around in colorful jacket designs. Numerous color-conscious individuals opt for African Prints as they are the exclusive designs that flawlessly cooperate colors with jackets. Another fascinating point concerning colorful prints is that they are perceived to seem magnificent on any or every complexion. African prints complement all skin tones, and you are ready to rock your look all day long.

Gaining International Acceptance

African prints were a rich cultural heritage but now have gained global recognition. People internationally are looking for African jackets as these are pleasing to the eyes and look absolutely stunning on everyone, and can be worn to any occasion. Not only jackets, but these prints are also now used in any modern wearable. 

Free Size And Unisex

Again, the most convenient benefit is the availability of the jacket in free size. You need not buy as per your size fit. Plus, you can share your jacket with other family members. No matter how lean or bulky you’re, the jacket will fit you. Since the jacket is unisex, you and your spouse or children can share the same jacket, and we bet it will look great on all of you.

In Conclusion!
Now that we have let you know why the world loves African printed jackets, you too must have it in your closet this winter to step out in style each time. You may find different prints and radiant colors at AKN Fabrics & Textiles at the most reasonable rates. Why not add grace to your closet by getting yourself an African Printed Jacket when the world is shifting to print trends. 

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