The sounds of jingling bells, the sight of snowballs laying confidently on our pavements as dropping temps beckon us to layer up our outfits accordingly. The result is the cozy-chic style of winter becoming dominant on the streets in response. The most wonderful time of the year is here—and even if you’re not a fan of the freezing temps, getting into the winter style trends unveiled for 2022 is something every style girl should strive to do.

Thankfully, the urge to yank pieces off the wardrobe and stylishly coordinate them into “outside” clothes wasn’t dampened by the pandemic. Although some of these trends have been around, they continue to evolve into chic versions of themselves, almost like an unboxing for the holiday season.

Check out 9 stylish winter trends that would do right by you…

#1. Prints/patterns

Sometimes, all you need to mix things up are unique prints, and a simple outfit automatically becomes elevated. Whether you choose to incorporate prints into your ensemble with a dress, stylish pants, or accessories like a scarf or bag, prints will serve you well this winter.


#2. Fur bestie

What’s fur got to do with it? Everything! Thanks to sustainable designers who replace this beauty with faux fur without tampering with its luxe appeal. This season, the bigger the fur, the sleeker the fashion statement, and infusing bold colors for extra touch is a great idea.


#3. Color splatter

This season’s winter trends relegated the cliché moody hues to the background and said, “no summer, not today. We get to have vibrant colors too.” From the high-end runways to Instagram feeds, there is much more than a pop of color. Think of it as a color burst, and this approach sure keeps the mood up and the mood board full.

#4. See-through tights

After a time of social hibernation, there’s still a chance to cut loose and live fast in mini and shirt dresses paired with see-through tights. The key is to invest in pieces that stave off the cold and do a great job of layering. They keep things looking edgy, and this is one of the trusted winter trends that ensure your barely-there fits do not hit rock bottom in your wardrobe.


#5. Puff hard

For winter trends that have successfully set their anchor in our closets, the puff jacket ranks high. It can be worn with anything— from jeans to sassy dresses. Certainly, this is a piece in due season that’ll easily add a unique touch to your ensemble.


#6. Leather

There’s no winter without leather, it’s called leather weather for a reason. The textures might change and be available in different styles and cuts, but the classic staple remains a great style ally, and obviously, designers have not yet had enough of this winter trend.


#7. Cutouts

Apparently, summer left the cutouts behind, but fashionistas are still die-hard on this trend even with the dropping degrees, and designers are steadily churning out innovative cutout pieces. At this point, the cold has thrown in the towel with these winter trends because it’s nothing a stylish coat can’t fix.


#8. Oversized scarf

The perfect pieces for coordinating outdoor layering are oversized scarves. They are the practical cold weather piece to infuse into your winter accessories collection and the best cuddle buddies of the season.

#9. Knitwear/mini sweater dress

Year after year, knit dresses remain welcome, especially for the tricky temps. This year is no different although they are less chunkier, longer, and more form-fitting. Knitwear, especially mini sweater dresses, keeps things alluring and stylish—one of the must-do winter trends that we are stoked about.

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