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Embroidery George fabric has been around for years and is deemed as one of the most popular African fabrics. The earliest evidence for the use of embroidery George in textiles is from the South/South East region of Nigeria.

Embroidery George is considered the epitome of luxury due to its regal and celebratory appearance. In fact, it was commonly worn by African noble and royal families.

One of the most appealing features of embroidery George is its shimmering appearance. That’s why this fabric is preferred for special occasions such as weddings.

Keep reading to know more about this most popular African fabric.

Embroidery George Fabric Basics

African George fabric is a delicate, lightweight fabric made from 100% viscose, a semi-synthetic material made from cellulose, a plant-based material.

Known for its luster, shine, and beautiful web like pattern, this dignified sheer fabric is considered a symbol of elegance and style in African culture.

This fabric contains detailed gold embroidery around the necklines, sleeves, hems of skirts, and head wraps. However, it is also famous for daily wear because of its comfort and fewer ironing requirements.

Today George fabric is witnessing a soaring demand worldwide. Large quantities of George fabric are exported to African markets from India, one of the biggest manufacturers of George fabric.

Some Important Features of Embroidery George Fabric

Elegant Designs

Embroidery George fabric is extremely popular among women because of its high-quality polyester features with detailed designs and elegant embroidery. Moreover, garments made from embroidery George can be beautifully accessorized with various types of jewelry, from traditional African jewelry, pearl necklaces, Polki earrings to beaded jewelry, and more.


Another most important quality of embroidery George fabric is that it is breathable. The detailed weaving process helps make this textile more breathable. That’s why many women prefer to wear dresses made from embroidery George fabric in the summers. Plus, the tightly woven fabric of embroidery George doesn’t shrink even after repeated washing.


Of course, everyone wants to look great, but the importance of comfort can’t be overlooked. There is no denying that the dresses made from embroidery George fabric are comfortable. You can feel their softness when you touch them with your hands. More and more women love wearing dresses made from embroidery George fabric because it makes them feel relaxed and comfortable.

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