It’s no longer necessary to say tech is the in-thing on the corporate scene, everybody knows. Like a stealthy leopard, it sneaked up the rankings of the world’s most successful sectors over the past 2 decades with the rise of the internet and Web 2.0.

As the world increasingly adopts 5G, embraces Web 3.0 and improves Artificial Intelligence (AI), the end of tech’s reign is not in view. Rather it feels like we’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg. Technology is here to stay and virtually everyone seeking relevance or advancement is actively looking for ways to pivot to and/or collaboratively use tech.

With this, we are seeing the proliferation of numerous startups in the industry with dreams of becoming a Unicorn someday soon. Yes, this is aspirational, perhaps less than a handful will eventually accomplish the feat, nevertheless, it’s a goal many are daily working towards. It’s only fitting for us to provide #Bellastylistas in this field with some edge.

Are you a lady in the fast-growing and promising world of tech looking to seal an investment deal soon? Swipe and keep scrolling to see how fashion and style can be of great value to you.

What we wear sends queues that influence others and can set the tone for how one is perceived especially in unfamiliar terrain. Thus, wearing the right outfit will not only help you feel more confident, assertive, and capable but it can also help your audience receive your message as desired which could be a remarkable advantage over one of the prevailing issues in workplaces across the globe “being misunderstood”.

Those who are misunderstood are generally undervalued. If you could do one thing to ensure your message is rightly interpreted, it could be choosing the right outfit and power dressing can be helpful. You might wonder what exactly that means… Power dressing is a fashion style that enables a person to establish their authority in the professional and political environment.

Introduced in the late 1970s to break the stereotype of women being extra-feminine in the corporate world, power dressing with the evolution of society has evolved into a gender-neutral term. It is a conservative and formal style of dressing in tailored suits, jackets with padded shoulders, and knee-length skirts or downs to create a sense of power in business situations.

Now, let’s take power dressing clues from today’s video. Hit the ▶ button below to watch:

Today’s muse chose an all-black outfit featuring a well-tailored knee-length blazer dress paired with black pumps, a baguette, leather gloves and sunnies. Black is an excellent colour choice in this content because it is synonymous with power, luxury, and wealth. It is a modest colour that connotes seriousness and diligence.

The structured outlook of a blazer dress with its accentuated shoulders quietly suggests a keen sense of organization and reliability. When you show up in such a black outfit, these are the cues your audience will sub-conscious pick up about you. They may start to see you as trustworthy before you even open up your mouth to speak.

Her hair was worn in a sharp-cut bob just slightly below the chin showing off a sense of moderation and intolerance for distracting long hair; and her makeup was subtle earth-toned as if in touch with the environment. You can expect to be taken seriously from the get-go with a look like this.

Credit: @therealmuhleza

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