Every fashionista knows that when it comes to style, there’re no days off. That is to say, whether you’re partying with friends, attending a ceremony, or going to work, your style game should stay A! Now that we’re back in the office (thankfully), our work mode is back on and so should your workwear fashion. Luckily for you, we’ve curated some stylish women’s workwear outfit ideas to get you going.

Firstly, the surest way to ensure your style game stays strong each week is to organize your workwear outfits in advance. Indeed, a good time to do this is during the weekend when you don’t have work-related activities to take up your time. Block out a few hours on Sundays to plan your outfits for the whole week. In addition, you can also take the time to iron them and organize them in your closet so they look impeccable when you slip into them. Of course, this doesn’t cover clothes alone as your shoes, bags, jewelry, wigs, and perfumes are all essential aspects of your ensemble.

Now that we’ve established that, get inspired by this curation of women’s workwear outfit ideas to keep your slay game on. Whether yours is a proper business setting or a business casual environment, these workwear outfits are a win.

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#1. Monday

Get your fashion week started on a great note with a coordinated look. Depending on your work setting, you can either opt for a complete suit or a blouse and pants pair. When it comes to suits, a personal favorite for Mondays is pantsuits, but that doesn’t mean skirt suits won’t fly. Of course, they will, like any outfit, it all boils down to how to style them.


#2. Tuesday

Your Tuesday outfit doesn’t have to follow the up-tight vibe of Monday, but that doesn’t mean you should go casual. When in doubt regarding what to wear, try a classic like a statement blouse and pencil skirt, you can’t go wrong. Classic doesn’t translate into boring, so get creative with how you combine your pieces.


#3. Wednesday

We know you’re excited that it’s mid-week already, and you can’t wait to breeze through the remaining days. However, don’t breeze through your fashion. Wednesday is a great time to try that business casual dress that’s been lying in your closet. Keep in mind that your dress shouldn’t be too short or too tight as you need ease of movement.

#4. Thursday

Elevated laid-back is a great workwear outfit option for Thursday. So, what’s elevated laid-back? It’s an outfit that strikes the balance between chilled and classy and often requires several elements incorporated into the ensemble. For example, a bustier can be paired with a classic white shirt and pants, for a chilled-yet-business-ready effect.


#5. Friday

#TGIF! We know you’ve been waiting all week for Friday, well, here it is. The great thing about Fridays is that most work environments relax the dressing rules, so everyone can go casual. While you play the casual card, don’t get tempted into lowering your slay game because ending your week in style is always worth it.

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However, do note that these workwear outfit ideas aren’t set in stone and you can always wear what you decide. Consider this list as a beginner’s guide and it will surely help you plan your work fashion accordingly.

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