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The phrase “glass ceiling” refers to the invisible barrier that prevents certain groups, particularly women and minorities, from advancing to the upper echelons of corporate leadership. In Africa, where gender inequality and discrimination persist in many sectors, the glass ceiling is still very much a reality for many women striving to climb the corporate ladder.

In this live conversation, we will explore the challenges faced by women in corporate Africa and strategies for breaking through the glass ceiling. We will hear from successful women who have shattered this barrier and achieved success in their careers, sharing their experiences and insights on navigating the unique obstacles and biases that can stand in the way of progress.

We will also discuss the role of organizations in promoting gender diversity and creating a more inclusive workplace culture. We will explore initiatives that have been successful in increasing the representation of women in leadership roles, such as mentorship and sponsorship programs, as well as best practices for creating a more equitable workplace.

Meet The Speakers

Fadé Ogunro

Fadé Ogunro is the CEO/ Founder of Bookings Africa— a pan-African online marketplace that enables digital work physically & virtually.

An ambitious and visionary techpreneur, Fadé has dedicated her professional life to the pursuit of equality, opportunity, and prosperity across Africa. She is the Africa Chairperson for the Cherie Blair Foundation and was recently awarded an honorary doctorate degree by UMAM, the No. 1 University in Latin America. She has been a vital part of several entrepreneurial and philanthropic organizations while maintaining a prolific voice in international media.

Currently, she is passionate about the digital economy in Africa and she is focused on promoting and scaling BookingsAfrica.com, an on-demand digital gig-work marketplace that seeks to make critically important improvements to informal workers across the continent.

With over 85,000 active users, Bookings Africa has already helped several individuals and families earn a dignified and sustainable income.
Additionally, over 60% of those earners are women. Helping women embrace this much-needed opportunity for economic empowerment has been a point of personal pride for Fadé, who has been a steadfast advocate for women’s rights for years.

Fadé is committed to inspiring a new generation of strong women and men to be their best versions. By embracing Africa’s ever-growing collection of talented, driven gig-working professionals, she hopes to formalize the informal economy and envisions an Africa that works.

Funto Ibuoye

Funto Ibuoye is the CEO of Five28, a global design, architecture and property development firm positioned as a catalytic tool for nation-building and kingdom advancement, where she passionately leads a team of architects, design professionals, project managers, contractors and other administrative staff committed to creating and building spaces that elevate the way people live and work.

Funto graduated from Covenant University in 2010 with a Second-Class Upper Degree in Accounting and became a Chartered Accountant in 2011. She worked as an accountant in a tech firm before switching careers to brand management at a multinational company- L’Oreal, where she worked until they shut down operations in Nigeria and she then started her own organization- Five28.

As a result of her consistent impact through the years, Funto has been recognized on several notable platforms. She was listed among the Ynaija & Leading Ladies Africa 100 most inspiring women in Nigeria in 2017, Mogulettes Africa 100 Most Inspiring Moguls in 2020 and 100 Most Impactful Women in 2022 by The Richer Woman Inc.

Funto is the author of 5 powerful books and she continually reaches thousands of people across the globe with the instrumentality of her books, coaching programs and other speaking engagements.


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Date: Sunday 26th, March 2023
Time: 5 PM WAT
Venue: @bellanaijastyle’s Instagram LIVE

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