Hi, #BellaNaijarians!

We are ready to help you slay through another week, and nothing makes us happier at BellaNaija Style than to provide you with all the tools you’ll need to look good every day.

Our limelight for daily outfit inspiration this week falls on Nigerian fashion and beauty blogger – Ziggy Nnamani. This style star knows a thing or two about looking effortlessly stylish, she is one #BellaStylista who isn’t afraid to mix the most vibrant colours together, always looking insanely chic in bright colour combos without doing the most.

If you are seeking inspiration on dressing up for the week, look no further, we have rounded up seven stylish fits for the week using Ziggy as a style guide.


Pairing a vibrant top with a dark base is a great way to strut into the week with confidence!


If this dress doesn’t cure your post-Monday blues… Don’t worry, it will!


Just beacuse #BellaStylistas rock gorgeous pink pieces on Wednesdays!


Black ensmebles are always good ideas! Don’t you agree?


Denim pants plus vibrant tops make great combos on Fridays!


This outfit could not be more perfect for that brunch event you’ve got coming up.


This breathtaking look is sure to snag all the attention at the next event you show up in it.

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