Denim is easily one of the most fashionable fabrics out there, and it’s a staple in the wardrobe of every true Style Raven. This fabric is super versatile, comfortable, and will always be in style. With only a few weeks to the end of the year and considering we’re now in the season that favors thicker fabrics, now’s a great time to pull out your denim for some serious slay.

As fashion lovers and enthusiasts, we are forever looking for new and refreshing ways to wear a particular piece, and that’s where style inspirations come in handy. They not only get your creative juices flowing on trendy ways to style your outfits, but also show you some cool ways you may never have thought. Celebrity styles are always a good place to turn for a start. As a result, we’ve curated some cool denim outfit ideas for men as seen on your favorite celebs and style influencers.

Check out 14 denim outfit ideas for men to try out this holiday season…

#1. Rock a denim-on-denim look

Denim on denim look is a fool-proof way to nail the outfit. However, it’s not for the faint of heart. This is because this denim outfit can come off as imposing, and if you’re a man who appreciates a subtle look, it may not be for you. Although if you’re fearless enough to rock it, by all means, go ahead!


#2. Try dungarees, it’s fly

Wait, I know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not just for girls. Remember when you were a kid and your mom so stylishly paired dungarees with a turtleneck and kicks? Well, many years later, this look is still appropriate! If you’re in a fix regarding what to wear this holiday, try dungarees, it’s fly.


#3. Demin X prints

Because denim is generally a solid color, incorporating prints into a look is a good idea. While jeans paired with a rich-print top is the popular route to go, you can reverse the combo and it’ll work just fine. That is to say, a button-down denim shirt can work well with rich-prints pants. In addition, seeing we’re dressing for the weather, feel free to slip into a printed hoodie to keep warm and cozy all day long.  

#4. Brown-toned jackets work well

There’s something so effortlessly tasteful about pairing denim with anything with a brown hue. Whether it’s a shirt, shoes, hat, pants, jacket…whatever, it works well. If by chance you have a brown jacket lying somewhere in your closet, pair it with denim trousers and you’ll be happy with the outcome. Of course, that doesn’t mean it only has to be brown as any other color will work just fine. 


#5. Layer with a coat

Gentlemen, I give you a reason to layer denim all season long. A layered look is hands down the unofficial “uniform” for winter and we’ve been taking notes as stylish men layer away with denim. So, grab your favorite jeans or denim shirt, and build your entire look around it. Get creative!

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