estiny’s Child star, Kelendria Trene Rowland is the apt definition of Black girl excellence. The star has continued to evolve over the years, from a singer to an author and a solid actress who knows her onions. As she turns 42 this year, fine wine doesn’t begin to describe the eternal fountain of youth Ms. Rowland embodies.

The four-time Grammy Awards winner debuted her fashion collection with JustFab in 2021, which featured everyday basics for women. It’s no surprise that the mother-of-two took on this challenge as her personal style has certainly become one for the books. With a thriving career and refined style, the star has signed up for a life of distinction. As we celebrate her birthday today, we take the leisure to bask in her fashion offerings from 2022. It’s safe to say Kelly Rowland’s style embraced an edgy feminine perspective this past year.

Let’s dive in!

Kelly Rowland has been heavy on silhouette-accentuating ensembles boasting sheer, cutouts, and plush textures. Her recent outfit to the 2023 Grammy Awards was a chic white mini dress from Ashi Studio’s FW22/23 couture collection. The extra sleeves, corset bodice, and the room it gave her legs to shine through were a pure charm. When it comes to fashion, Ms. Rowland knows how to spin it to serve her.

After releasing her debut solo album, Simply Deep in October 2002, the award-winning artiste has had no reason to hit the brakes. From being a backup vocalist to selling millions of copies worldwide, that’s how you imprint your name as a go-to inspiration. Rowland’s music career isn’t the only thing about her that has evolved over the years; her style has followed a similar path. The star long traded in her signature low-rise jeans and crop top (which were totally hot back in the day…and now) for edgy feminine cuts. For instance, in the 2022 AMAs, Rowland stunned in a Nicolas Jebran animal print dress that was the perfect fusion of edgy vintage and trendy touch. The same goes for the see-through cutout Mugler number she donned for the Nope movie premiere in California.

Let’s not forget that Rowland kicked off 2022 in a solid black Steven Khalil bodysuit, revealing her toned frame in a birthday shoot. This may have signified an audacious year heavy on daring style takes because the star ate all year round. Rowland never lacks the finesse to inject hot trends into her red-carpet-ready getups. From her red low-cut sequined jumpsuits to a mermaid-core bandeau skirt set. As she turns a year older today, let’s take a sneak peek at a few of her impeccable style takes from her last birthday till date. I’m not drooling, you are!

Here are a few renderings that solidify my love for Kelly Rowland’s style

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