The #BNSDigitalSummit22, which was held on Saturday, the 27th of August, addressed issues that needed to be tackled over the coming decade to align the emerging African fashion industry with global technology and trends. All the discussions emphasized that African designers, creatives, and influencers should educate themselves, identify and define their brand, have an online presence, document their journey, collaborate, be passionate, experiment, and start. 

BellaNaija Style hosted seven highly influential African game-changers on the continent and in the diaspora. They discussed next-level panel discussions around the intersection of fashion and film, Africa’s beauty industry boom, and navigating new technological frontiers for Africa’s creative industries.

We’ve rounded up 7 unmissable quotes from Saturday’s event.

One of the most powerful tools in the world is the media. We are moved by what we see.

 – Yolanda Okereke, Rani Company.

You have to be passionate about this industry. You have to be determined and be disciplined with the right qualities. The right qualities will take you far in this industry.

– Eric Ihaza, The RX Studios.

People are interested in the process of your work. Be online, have an online presence. Share your story online and let people see the journey and process of your work.

– Fatima Babakura, TIMABEE INC.

Collaborating is key in the Fashion industry. It’s been slept on. People need to learn to let people in and collaborate. People need to understand the power of collaboration.

– Latasha V. Henderson, VONRAY.

Know thyself! Know what tech platform works for you and your brand to promote your work.

Elaine Mensah, Founder & CEO, Showroom Etc.

You need to define your voice, your community and what your brand represents before hiring a PR Firm.

– Damilola Odufuwa, Founder & CEO, Backdrop.

Start and experiment! You learn more about yourself and YOUR brand in this process and journey.

– Mercy Akamo, Vice President of Mara Communications.

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