Not all people enjoy following fashion trends. Some pride themselves on being authentic and genuine in their unique style and self-expression. And while this isn’t a bad mindset to have, switching things up with the latest fashion must-haves is a great way to inject something fresh and new into your closet. Men fall trends 2022.

Not all runway trends are plausible in the real world. But between the weird and wonderful, it is possible to spot a few easy-to-follow ideas that seem to repeat yearly. Incorporating classic fashion and shoes for men will give you pieces you can use over and over. This fall, the runways were lit with a slew of this, making it easy for you to incorporate a trendy flair into your daily style.

Check out the latest fall trends for men this 2022…

#1. Letterman jackets

Letterman jackets, or varsity jackets, gained massive popularity through the 80s and 90s teen movies. And since their introduction to the world, they have gone in and out of fashion. Major fashion houses tend to take the original style and overhaul it with their trademark look and flair.

Like any bomber jacket, it can easily be styled with jeans, simple tees, and shorts. But the nostalgia attached to these iconic pieces makes them popular variations to purchase.

#2. Leather

Leather garments always seem to feature on the runway in one capacity or another. The timeless leather jacket has seen its way through decades of changing trends still to be a highly sought-after piece for any wardrobe. This year, full leather assembles have dominated runways, but this might be a step too far for the average person.

If you don’t feel like you have the capability of leather everywhere, choose specific pieces to make statements while styling the remainder of your outfit to complement it. Just remember, leather pants are not only reserved for ladies or Ross on Friends. Therefore, experiment and see what works for you. Men fall trends 2022.

#3. Floral prints

A big trend in men’s fall fashion is floral prints. Don’t mistake these for paisley or the hideous curtains from your childhood. A return to the 70s has been a dominating trend for the past five years or so, and this season is no different.

It is a great way to incorporate softer shades and patterns into your look. To avoid conflicting pieces, keep it down to one floral per outfit, with the rest of your clothes remaining somewhat neutral.

#4. The parka

Parka jackets are big, bold, and can be styled with practically anything in your closet. It might be a model-inspired fishtail style or the oversized version appropriate for navigating the arctic circle. Either way, it’s a stylish and functional jacket to have at your disposal.

It can be used to elevate any casual look while also being an effective way of toning down a tailored blazer ensemble. For something a little different, pair your parka with sweatpants, your favorite hoodie, and fashion sneakers for a modern twist on street style.

#5. Large checks

Lumberjack chic has always held a place in men’s fashion. Whether that place should exist at all is a point worth discussing, but men, both young and old, have embraced the checkered button-down for years.

This year, however, the pattern is more prominent, with Black Watch tartan, buffalo, and windowpane proving to be the most popular patterns on the rack. This trend is effortless to work into your wardrobe, primarily through long sleeve button-downs or knitted jackets. But, regardless of how you choose to wear it, it will keep you warm and looking good.

#6. Wide-leg pants

Fitted jeans or tailored pants have always been incredibly chic and are featured a lot through the seasons as a must-have fashion item. This fact still runs true, but this season we are seeing the wide-leg style make a comeback to run with the big boys and potentially push out slim-fit or ‘skinny’ jeans altogether. The style, made famous in the 80s and 90s, has become popular as people migrate more towards function and comfort.

It might be a difficult transition from the fitted look we have become so accustomed to, but once you give it a shot, you might be slightly surprised by how much you like them. It is important to remember that wide-leg pants match very differently from their fitted versions. So play around with different footwear options and shirts to find a good balance.

#7. Commando soles

Commando soles have moved swiftly from the military field and into fall fashion with a bang. This chunkier, more solid variation on the classic loafer or Chelsea boot sole has reinvented two footwear opinions that have been cemented in fashion for years.

You can style this variation exactly the same way you would do for the original, giving your look an edgy and bold flair. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and might just convert you for life.

#8. Denim everywhere

Denim is a great fabric to wear. It is incredibly durable, has a natural stretch, and has tons of texture and character. It probably already makes up a large portion of your closet. Under normal circumstances, wearing a full denim getup wouldn’t be encouraged, but this year fall trends have seen runway shows featuring denim head-to-toe.

If you are brave enough to explore this look, go for a very casual silhouette with slightly contrasting washes to give your clothes some break-up. However, the most important thing you need to do is wear it with confidence. It is, after all, a trend of the season.

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