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Experience what a day is like in the life of Faikat Moliki — a Nigerian content creator based in Atlanta, Georgia. Faikat is also a project management specialist in the tech space focusing on organizational operations leadership.

Part 1

Her typical day starts at 7am with simple house chores like making her bed before she proceeds to teeth brushing and getting dressed for work which starts at 8am. Faikat works remotely and would often have breakfast before work.

She shared some details about her educational background and 5-year journey to leadership in tech. Hit the ▶ button below to watch how she leverages planning and organisation to optimize productivity:

Part 2

While making breakfast, Faikat talks more about her current role and how the lesson she learnt about the power of streamlined processes from her past roles have been instrumental towards her current success. Hit the ▶ button below to watch

Credit: @adeola_fm 

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