The Artist, Her Muse and Her Armani: multi-award-winning Nigerian beauty expert — Joy Adenuga sat down with India Amarteifio (who played young Queen Charlotte in the popular Netflix & Shondaland series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story) to discuss their amazing relationship and Armani Beauty‘s impeccable role in it on Behind Makeup by Damon Baker

Damon highlights the magic of beauty and how it plays a huge part in bringing out our inner light and power, a step he believes towards self-love. Join his journey of discovering the true relationship between this Armani Beauty face (India) and her Makeup artist (Joy).

Probably from the moment that we worked together, I just trusted you. For you to kind of empower me, especially someone that doesn’t really wear makeup all the time, when I come away from working with you, it feels very authentic.

— India Amarteifio

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The Muse

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Artist: @joyadenuga x @joyadenuga_makeup
Muse: @india_amarteifio
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Creator: @damon_baker for @armanibeauty

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