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Check out these edgy style inspirations from the Creative Director of Richeé NYC  Jermaine Richards.

Jermaine shared this stunning roundup of his looks from November featuring impeccably layered pieces. Jermaine’s style is fierce, fearless and sophisticated. Press Play:

A Lil Back Story

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Jermaine Richards recalls his boyhood experience in the ghettos of Waterhouse. He was the 1st son of his late mother and the 10th of his father. Though he spent only a few years with his mother, he remembers having so little, but “she always made sure that we lived within our means”, he said.

At the age of 4, Jermaine was placed in an orphanage, “in such a situation only the fittest of the fit survive”. While there, he was raised into a man who could cook, clean, dress, and read for himself.

I made use of every single opportunity that came my way, from graduating high school at the top of my class to attending and graduating from teacher’s college with honours. After college, I worked as a Special Education teacher for five years in Jamaica before teaching English and Visual Arts in Japan for a year.

After living in Japan for a year, he decided that he no longer wanted to teach. Instead, he launched out in pursuit of his insatiable desire to be immersed in the world of fashion.

Getting dressed came with pleasure and excitement, even if it was just go to the gym.

To make his desire a reality, he moved to New York in 2014. At that time he worked odd jobs to keep afloat while keeping his dreams of fashion in sight. Since then, he has had the opportunity to make his dreams of fashion a reality through a variety of roles, ranging from retail sales ambassador, fashion blogger, model, influencer, and fashion buyer, to Creative Content Director for Cleo Nicci (where he incorporated his Nigerian and Jamaican roots into his creations) and now Creative Director of Richeé NYC.

Credit: @richie_rich_for_life

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