Nana Tamakloe, the brilliant mind behind Accra Fashion Week and, has been invited to make a notable presence at the ongoing BRICS Fashion Summit in Moscow. The summit, hosted by Moscow Fashion Week, kicked off its proceedings on November 28 and is set to wrap up on December 2.

Nana Tamakloe with Priscilla Chigariro, Zimbabwe Fashion Week Organizer

According to a press release, Tamakloe, who is known for his influence in reshaping African fashion, has been turning heads with his creative international approach. His journey from launching the continent’s premier fashion blog in 2012 to curating the celebrated Accra Fashion Week has been marked by trendsetting moments.

Last year, Tamakloe found himself on the international stage, invited and honoured at the Memphis In May Festival in the United States of America, sharing the limelight with prominent figures like King Otumfou, Stonebwoy, and Okyeame Kwame.

This global recognition spoke volumes about his impact on Ghanaian culture and now, he’s bringing that influence to Russia at the BRICS Fashion Summit.

Nana Tamakloe with the Representative from Kazakstan

Organized under the umbrella of Moscow Fashion Week, the BRICS Fashion Summit has become a gathering of fashion elites. Editors, event organizers, representatives from major publications, clothing specialists, bloggers, instructors, and emerging designers from various corners of the globe converge to create a rare atmosphere of creativity and collaboration.

Originally synchronized with Moscow Fashion Week, the BRICS Fashion Summit is more than just a stylish rendezvous; it’s a strategic endeavor to cultivate the ethos of the BRICS Fashion community. Stemming from the BRICS—an intergovernmental organization uniting Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—the fashion community aims to redefine the industry’s dynamics.

The summit goes beyond national boundaries, boasting participation from over 30 countries, from the streets of China to the landscapes of Nigeria. The BRICS Fashion Summit is positioning itself as a global hub for sartorial excellence.

Nana Tamakloe and the representative from Turkey

Tamakloe’s role at the summit is more than just attendee status; he’s on a mission to ensure Ghana doesn’t just participate but actively shapes the narrative of the BRICS Fashion Summit. His goal is to play a decisive role in steering the creation of the BRICS Fashion community, putting Ghana at the forefront of global fashion discussions. Other guest from Ghana also include researcher Makeba L. Boateng and Nana Brenu.

Nana Brenu, Makeba Boateng & Nana Tamakloe

As the spotlight intensifies on Moscow, Nana Tamakloe’s active presence becomes a symbol of Ghana’s growing prominence in the international fashion scene. The BRICS Fashion Summit isn’t just about trends; it’s a platform where cultures meet, and Tamakloe is steering Ghana’s fashion story into the global limelight.

This year, Accra Fashion Week is poised to welcome representatives from 17 nations to the vibrant city of Accra. This spectacular event is slated to unfold against the iconic backdrop of the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, from December 13th to the 17th, 2023.

The anticipation is further heightened as delegates from the BRICS Fashion Summit are set to grace the occasion, amplifying the international flair.

Adding an extra layer of significance, the African Fashion Summit, scheduled for December 15th, 2023, promises to be a pivotal moment. This special day will feature an exclusive update on the happenings at the BRICS Fashion Summit, creating a nexus where global fashion conversations seamlessly converge.

Accra Fashion Week is poised not only to showcase diverse styles but also to serve as a dynamic platform fostering international collaboration and discourse. Save the dates for a week of sartorial splendor and cross-cultural connections.

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