allet flats, like almost every other trendy fashion piece in the 2000s, have made a significant comeback. For the Gen-Zs, these are fresh and on-point takes on style, but if you’re a millennial, chances are you’re stuck in a mixed wave of nostalgia. The latest renditions are nothing like the “back-in-the-day” options that might make you pass on this one. Designers and style stars are making ballet flats work exceptionally well this season to breathe life into this classic staple. From the look of things, ballet flats for women are hot, alive, and on every fashion girl’s feet. Mission accomplished.

Whatever camp you’re reporting from this season, we can all agree that these flats are comfortable, feminine, and much more flexible to style. For instance, fashion powerhouse Miu Miu brought a fresh perspective to flats with the infusion of scrunched socks, elevated workwear, and whimsical college kid coordination this season. These flats came back fun and ready to play on the center stage of fashion — just like most vintage trends.

Here are ways to style ballet flats to revive the Y2K style vibe…

#1. Mini suit

The textured mini suit and ballet merger is one ubiquitous way to stand out this season. Every style girl has this look on lockdown, and the minis let the ballet have their moment.

#2. A touch of prints

If you’re on to the vintage vibe, try a button-down vintage skirt set with classic ballet flats. Consider touches of animal prints, this way, the frame isn’t overwhelmed or gaudy.

#3. Oversize blazers

If you’re still thinking of how to style ballet flats the 2022 way, hop on the oversize trend. Layer on a bulky jacket on matching shorts. Keep the bottom light and the socks tucked nicely into ballets to kick in leg day.

#4. Square toes X maxis

Sometimes take it a notch higher by opting for the funkier versions — square toes. They add an oomph to everyday coordination. When paired with maxis, they scream comfort and style.

#5. A 3-piece suit

Rocking an oversize all-black suit with matching split ballet shoes is a classic hit. They appear effortless and polished so much so that you could walk into almost any room in those without breaking a sweat.

#6. Ballet X denim

There’s truly nothing you can’t pull off with denim. Slip a dose of metallic ballet flats into a denim and t-shirt mix, and watch the laid-back fit make its kind of statement.

#7. Button-down shirt

One chic way to style ballet flats for an evening look is to rock a breezy white button-down shirt on a mini black dress and match it with black and white ballet flats.

#8. A vintage linen dress

Go the neutral route with a cream button-down midi dress and white ballet flats. An everyday look that’s stylish and easy to rock.

#9. Moto jacket

Pull off an exciting look with a black leather jacket. It keeps you warm, edgy, and modish. Pairing ballet flats with trendy pieces you love, like the moto jacket that creates the right balance.

#10. Baby doll dress

A baby doll dress might sound cliche, but it remains an evergreen take on the ballerina’s wardrobe tricks. If you’re feeling girly, this is how to style ballet flats for a feminine touch.

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