British-Nigerian actor John Boyega is the latest cover star for EDITION Magazine by Modern Luxury.

In this issue, The The Woman King star talks about the historically-based action film directed by Gina Prince Blythewood and the importance of joining and pushing such a vital and much-needed project in this climate. He also shares his experience and privilege of working with Academy Award winner Viola Davis, lessons and gems he picked up whilst working with her.

He is wearing a striking black sweater, flashing his pearly whites as he rocked his signature high-fade cut and groomed beards on the cover.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On working with the director of The Woman King, Gina Prince Blythewood

She directed one of my favourite movies of all time, Love and BasketballLove & Basketball is number one. I just like Black love. I can relate to it. I told her: “Just tell me if there’s a role and tell me where and when, and I’ll be there.” I loved working with her; she’s good energy.

On working with the women of The Woman King

I can’t wait for people to experience Viola Davis’ incredible performance and the other ladies starring in the film. For some, it’s their first prominent role. And I want them to get all the love and attention they deserve and for putting in so much work on this project. It’s crucial, especially when we think about colourism for brown-skinned women. This film is an excellent showcase for young, Black female actors.

Viola would tell stories randomly about her experience—mainly about the differences in how you approach your career. For instance, when you’re younger, there’s a level of optimism and sometimes a level of ignorance, and how that can affect you. She’s very open about talking about her experience in this industry. For any young actor, there will be some gems you want. Whenever she speaks, she speaks to your soul.

On versatility in acting

Versatility is all I talk about these days! I like how Robert Pattinson switched his choices after doing the Twilight films. If you put him in three different roles, he’s three completely other people. I like actors who change every single time. That is just so cool to me. And Michael K. Williams was one of the most versatile actors in this business. I worked with him on the film Breaking [released in August]. His approach and enthusiasm for work were second to none, which was something great for me to take away. He was great to learn from, a great guy, and just an all-around cool soul. [Ed. note: Williams died in September 2021].

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