Nigerian-British actor John Boyega just landed the front cover of the latest issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

Interviewed by Lola Ogunnaike, the star and activist speaks on his three major new projects, his innovative production company, not wanting to join The Marvel Cinematic Universe, and much more.

For the cover photo, he rocks a white singlet that shows off his well-toned muscles and super cool one-arm sleeve tattoo, accompanied by grey athleisure shorts.

Read excerpts from the interview below.

On why he agreed to the historical thriller The Woman King:

The fact that I would be able to speak in my father’s accent, in my native tongue, and portray something that’s different from what I’ve done before, I was like, Yeah, I’m coming. I want to be a part of that big time.

On his parent’s immigration to England in the 1980s:

My mom and dad will always be my heroes, because at the end of the day, man, they made the fundamental choice of moving from Nigeria, coming over to London. If they didn’t make that choice, I don’t think any of us would be here.

On his message for those offended by his unapologetic support for the BLM movement, and whether he has experienced any backlash:

Our empowerment is not your demise. Of course, there’s backlash. Seen and unseen. It’s just how it goes. You’ll see who’s for you and who’s really not…. [But] this is who I am. I’m going to speak about what I believe in and make sure that whatever I do is aimed at supporting the people.

Read the full issue here


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