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South African Model Kayra Theodore was onto something earlier this year when she chose to adorn her hairstyle with spiral-tip braids. The style was so adorable and unique that we were eager to feature it back in August 2023, posing the question of whether others would embrace it or if it would trend. However, our busy schedule at the time, particularly with organizing Accra Fashion Week, prevented us from promptly publishing the article. During this period, though, we witnessed our question being answered online.

Over time, we noticed approximately six influencers and Instagram users adopting the same spiral-tip braids that Kayra boldly introduced back in June 2023. While there may be nothing entirely new under the sun, it’s undeniable that, if we’re talking about the 2000s, she is the one who set the trend for this look. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone else sporting it, unless you journey far back into ancient Africa.

Regrettably, during this period, we were unable to keep track of the numerous Instagram users who had embraced Kayra’s trending look (considering we were organizing the nation’s fashion week, your understanding is appreciated). However, we recently came across an amazing Haitian influencer proudly rocking the spiral braids, and she goes by the name Ashley Lazarre (@_aelle_). Witness her flaunt this style in her “30 Days of Outfits” series below.

There’s no certainty whether Ashley emulated the look from Kayra or not, but one thing is clear—Kayra has undeniably ignited a spark. Do you believe this look can dominate in 2024? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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