Have you ever gone shopping only to be overwhelmed by the number of pant variations and designs? What was intended to be a quick shopping now leaves you confused as to which pants you actually need in your closet. I mean, you can’t keep snuggling up with every cute trousers you bump into as this polygamous approach really doesn’t work. It’s not the pants dear, it’s you 🙂

There are pants that are a must-have, and others you should just admire but never proceed to checkout with. To build the base of a solid wardrobe, you need stylish, relevant, and classic pants you can style in various ways and still appear on point. Now I have your attention. This curation comprises the trousers you actually need in your closet, and any other piece you may choose to add is just a cool addition. Not a necessity, but cool regardless.

Check out 7 contemporary pant designs you need in your closet…

#1. Loveable leathers

Leather pants are a sweet blend of edgy and chic little wonder they’ve stayed trendy over several seasons. These versatile pieces come in plenty of options — from style to hues and fit — to fit a variety of preferences. Whether you chose to pair it with a flirty top or incorporate it into workwear, loveable leathers will never let you down. 

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#2. Wide-legged pants

Ah, the wide-legged pants style influencers can’t do without! Of course, there’s a reason for this. These pants are so comfortable yet can manage to be dressy at the same time. Thus, challenging you to remain stylish and still chilled. While they come in a plethora of styles, it’s not difficult to twist them to fit your taste if you know what you’re doing. So, learn how to style wide-legged pants and cause a stir everywhere you go!

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#3. Camouflage pants

An instantly recognizable wardrobe staple, the camo pants is for the girl who would rather stand out than cloak in. Seeing that it’s closely associated with the military, these trousers can instantly give you an upbeat, smart, and energetic vibe.

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#4. High-waisted pants

Tailored, figure accentuating, and polished are some of the words that come to mind when talking about high-waisted pants. They are necessary for every stylish woman’s closet, particularly for a boss girl. You can bet on this item looking stylish in every workwear, or any other combo for that matter.

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#5. Statement pants

Definitely one to leave you memorable, a statement pant is essential in every stylish woman’s wardrobe. They are a go-to when you have no idea what to wear, but you still want to look edgy. Whether exaggerated paper bag trousers or pieces with dramatic details, each is a whole new level of slay.

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#6. Print sweatpants/statement tracksuit

What’s a wardrobe without a fun piece like print sweatpants or a statement tracksuit? These interesting outfits incorporate a new kind of style into a monotonous wardrobe. If you usually stick to neutral/soft-colored outfits, incorporate print sweatpants or a statement tracksuit for an unexpected switch. However you choose to rock it, the pants in themselves have a lot to say.

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#7. Ripped/deconstructed jeans

These guys have been around long enough to claim a spot in our curation of pants you need in your closet. Edgy as they are feisty, the ripped/deconstructed jeans is a spectacle to behold and deserve a place in your wardrobe.

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Although these are pants you need in your closet, they don’t have to be the only ones. It’s safe to view them as a foundation for other trendy, stylish, and classic pants. It’s true what they say: a girl can’t have too many clothes.

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