There’s no denying the existence of the unspoken rule that it isn’t so cool to wear leather during summer. The immediate reaction towards rocking a second skin during warm weather had always been “nope,” but with fashion rules being rewritten to meet the times, now you can rock leather––from hats to boots––during the warmest season of the year. While leather literally brings the heat, there are several practical ways this wardrobe classic can manifest a high fashion aesthetic for your summer style. 

Thanks to high-end designers like Louis Vuitton, who featured lightweight leather options and fancy accessories suitable for summer in their SS22 collections, leather is runway-certified for the season. The durability and edginess of this fabric makes it highly irresistible, especially for the fashion-forward.

If you need extra convincing, supermodels like Bella Hadid and celebrities like Dua Lipa and Keke Palmer have been recently spotted rocking leather boots this summer. Judging by the receptivity of stylish celebrities and influencers, leather in summer is here for the long haul so it’s time to get in on the trend. This is no time to be fashionably late!

From vegan to vinyl to other faux and real leather types, the latest leather designs offer something for every personality, invading the scene with an “I got you” vibe. And with the latest trends, you don’t have to wear head-to-toe leather to make a statement. Opt for options like leather boots, hats, belts, shirt collars, or leather minis to add some serious edge to your style. .

Check out 7 chic ways to wear leather this summer…

#1. Let the minis out

This summer, the fashion streets are bursting with varieties of shorts and mini skirts, one of the “tautest” being leather options that are oh-so-chic! Perhaps, it’s leg day and you’ve been working out. Let your legs take center stage and breathe all at once. To spruce things up, pair with a vibrant print top and seasonal accessories, and for a minimal feel, opt for a neutral-toned tank top. 


#2. The hat attack

While the mere thought of wearing leather in summer already brings droplets of sweats to mind, opting for the right accessories could keep you both trendy and comfy. A stylish leather cap is a valuable find for a walk in the park or any other casual outing, especially on cooler days or early evenings.


#3. Crop top/cut-outs


The ubiquitous cut-out trends have no plans of slowing down and with good reason. They are famous for flattering the silhouette and exuding an alluring feminine aura. Brands like A.L.C., Helmut Lang and COURREGES are versed in rendering stylish leather pieces that complement any ready-summer wardrobe. For me, I’m already envisioning a summer dinner date with a snatched leather crop top, which can be paired with a silk slip skirt or wide hemmed denim pants for an edgy-chic turnout. If you do copy my look, be sure to carry a light blazer or sweater just in case the air-conditioning proves itself too cool for summer.

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#4. Statement leather pants

Even in the heat of things, wearing fanciful leather pants on cooler evenings can turn the sartorial energy all the way up. Think leather pants with statement heels and cool accessories, and the look is complete for a fancy date night.


#5. Trendy leather belts

Photo: @lerato_kgamanyane / Instagram

The belt trend took a turn for the better after a year of waist-up pandemic dressing, and it’s officially giving leather belts this summer. Whether it’s a mini, midi, maxi dress or a chic breezy jumpsuit, a top-quality leather belt never fails to define the silhouette accordingly.


#6. Mini dresses or top and shorts, to boot!

The higher the boots, the higher the standard? Well, this rings true on cooler summer days. If you’re still wondering if you can wear leather in summer, perhaps French model and style influencer Didi Stone’s fierce look makes a bold enough case. For an ultra-hip look, think thigh-high boots in place of bulky bottoms styled with an airy top and shorts /tights or simply wear them with a mini dress. Consider ruffle boots as opposed to skin-hugging ones to allow good airflow.


#7. Leather bags, of course

Leather bags are utilitarian summer essentials to pin down as they can be worn with anything in your closet. They are timeless, elegant, and versatile––need I say more? You can embody the vibrant spirit of the season by opting for bold colored bags in red, blue, green, and yellow tones for a good dose of color. 



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Photo: Didi Stone / Instagram




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