It’s been stated several times over how vivid and vibrant ’80s fashion was. I mean, when you do think about it, the daring nature of the 80s fashion craze did solidify it in the fashion history books. Of course, there were some aspects many stylistas hope will never see the light of day again, and who would blame them? Some of those outfits were really out there! However, this 2022, a few 80’s fashion trends have done a full circle and these are the ones we’re super stoked about.

From the runways of major fashion shows to the fashion streets and surely, our very own Instagram feeds, we’ve spotted numerous creative twists of popular 80’s fashion and we’re proud to say that fashion is once again going bold. During the Fall/Winter 2022 Milan show, Dolce & Gabbana took the classic shoulder pads to new dimensions and the result was epic! Also, at the after party of both the 2022 Oscars and Grammys, our favorite celebs brought the 80’s back in different methods from vibrant colors to edgy platforms. And let’s not forget how style influencers are doing justice to this trend on Instagram that would make even the most celebrated 80’s style sensation beg for mercy.

While many have claimed their share of the 80’s fashion pie, there’s still enough to go around. As a result, we’ll be exploring the major trends that rocked the 1980s and are undoubtedly set to do the same in 2022.  With this guide, you’ll be well-armed to take on the adventurous craze that’s fashion from the era when the Macintosh computer first showed up.

Here are 7 80’s fashion trends fearlessly shaking things up in 2022…

#1. Jeans

Okay, these guys didn’t go anywhere. However, what set the 1980’s jeans apart from others is their edge. Think high-waists, ripped variations, acid washed, embellished versions, etc. This comes as no surprise as “out there” was really the theme of 80’s fashion. Well, if you missed out on all the fun back then, now’s the time to knock yourself out.

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#2. Platform shoes

We bet you’ve seen these on your favorite style influencers. What makes platform shoes exciting (other than the added height they give short girls like me) is the impressive variations they come in. Whether black or white, embellished or not, these shoes might just be what you need to add an edgy flair to your ensemble.

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#3. Leather & latex

These guys are the sexy fashion staple no fashionable babe should ignore. We’ve seen them in minis, pants, jackets, and even dresses so it’s safe to say that they aren’t waning anytime soon. Dresses are the easiest way to hop on this trend so if you’re looking for some inspiration, we have an article right here.

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#4. Micro/mini skirts & shorts

This is another 80’s fashion trend in 2022 you shouldn’t ignore. Minis are everywhere and the two-piece sets are particularly reminiscent of the ’80s. Everyone from Cuban to Nina Sandbech is on the trend train. If you’d like to show a little (well, a lot of legs), then this trend is for you.

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#5. Oversized blazer & shoulder pads

We told you that the 80’s fashion trends in 2022 didn’t come to play, and now you can see for yourself! Add a little width to your frame either with shoulder pads or oversized blazers and you’ll be making a loud statement. Take a cue from Tiffany Haddish as she slays in Dolce & Gabbana for the 2022 Grammys after-party.

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#6. Biker & boxy jackets

It really doesn’t have to be the cooler seasons before you can rock jackets. Absolutely not! This Spring, it’s raining jackets, especially the boxy and biker variations thanks to trendsetters who looked to the 80s. As they burn haute this 2022, get creative in cooking up some pretty iconic looks with this fashion staple.

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#7. Neon/bright colors

The 1980s had it bright and 2022 is following suit. Opt for blinding tones to add an instant perk to your outfit, like this neons. From greens to pinks, yellows, and blues, it certainly is the survival of the brightest on these fashion streets. Who’s up for the challenge?

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