Whether it is hot or cold, a hat is one accessory that comes in handy at all times. In the hot weather, it protects you from the sun’s exposure while in the cold, it serves to add a layer of warmth to your ensemble. And of course, on both occasions, hats elevate your ensemble to fashion-god status.

Hats have always been synonymous with elegance and style, yet not everyone knows how to wear them with taste and ease. This is why we have curated this guide — to give you proven tips on how to rock hats like a true style star. Once you finish off with the right hat, your overall look hits a little differently.

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From berets to buckets and fedoras, there’s a hat for every occasion and one that best fits your personality and style. However, the most important factor when choosing a hat is to know the theme of the occasion in order to wear the right hat. For example, you sure don’t want to turn up with a baseball cap or a trapper to a black-tie event.

Some women worry that wearing a hat would ruin their hairstyle, but by following some basic rules, you will have no need to worry. Firstly, do not apply too much pressure on the cap on the head. It is sufficient that the cap covers the head up to the hairline.

Secondly, you can wear hats that are a little understated if you want to combine them with a more elaborate hairstyle, or vice versa. Also, if you are wearing sunglasses, it would be advisable to hide the temples under the hat. Quirky fez, timeless fascinators, reliant baseball caps…whichever hat you choose is up to you!

Check out some SR-approved ways to style your hats like a true fashion star…

#1. Boater hats & fedoras

Boater hats and fedoras are trusted by celebs and influencers to add a classic flair to whichever outfit they set their sights on. Whether it’s a boss girl in a suit or a girly girl in a dress, these hats work as well in either situation. While you can totally stick to the classic method of wearing your fedora or boater hats straights, why not add a nice edge by tilting it a bit to the side?

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#2. Berets

Who can resist the chic appeal of berets? When worn right, this hat is really all you need to come off looking effortlessly elegant. If you’re aiming for a more subtle take, work your beret into a neutral monochrome ensemble. Otherwise, use it to add an interesting pop to your look. This is definitely your Emily in Paris moment.

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#3. Straw hats

The straw hat used to be the favorite of every beach-goer and for good reason. But this summer, don’t limit its slay-effect to only the seaside. Throw on your straw hat to a picnic, resort, or for a casual street slay with friends. You’d notice that it would hold its own throughout the day without breaking a sweat.

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#4. Baseball caps

From the courtside to the streets, baseball caps really do lend themselves to an effortless summer fashion. We love them paired with classic denim. We also love them with tent dresses, which are totally right for summer. That is to say, there are numerous ways to enjoy the unmatched vibe baseball caps provide.

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#5. Bucket hats

Rappers popularized bucket hats in the ’80s, then the ’90s streets went agog with them. Since then, the runways of the major fashion capitals have all buzzed with bucket hats. Now, fashion influencers are taking to craze to a whole new level that it’d be a crime not to go bucket this summer considering the plethora of inspiration they’ve provided. From chilled to fun, sophisticated to downright dramatic, there’s a bucket hat for every mood. 

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