fter a while, sticking to what you know, including in the fashion department, can become boring. (Duh, there’s nothing intriguing about telling the same tale over and over again). This is why every fashion girl acknowledges the value of style inspiration as it helps to refresh your closet and overall slay. When in the “market” for inspiring fashion takes, what better place to look than at the direction of stylish celebrities who collaborate with their creative stylists to put together sleeker-than-average looks?

From street style to red carpet ensembles, the stars always offer a plethora of options that leave us spoiled for choice. Plus, the variety of styles churned out means that (literally) any girl will definitely find what works for her, and she has free reign to update the style as she deems fit. Oh, isn’t it always fun to recreate the looks spotted on your favorite celeb with a personal spin on them?

We all love celebrity outfits that inspire us to look the part and invigorate our seasonal wardrobes. So, before the weather becomes unpardonably chilly, consider experimenting with celebrity outfits that allow you to remain on-trend and season-appropriate.

Check out these modish celebrity outfits that are set to elevate your wardrobe this season…

#1. A little black dress: Marsai Martin in Azzi X Osta

Blackish star Marsai Martin rocked this bow-detailed LBD with poise to the Black Panther 2 movie premiere. A little black dress never goes out of style, and this detailed number is sure to spruce things up. Whether you’re heading out for a red carpet-event or ready to hit the streets at night, this outfit is the truth. Don’t forget to have a jacket handy.

#2. A trendy suit: Lupita Nyong’o in a Burberry suit

It’s one thing to sport a suit, and it’s a whole different ball game to put a spontaneous twist to it. Lupita Nyong’o stepped out for the Back Panther 2 press rounds in a Burberry suit layered on an asymmetric-hem v-neck print dress. The star beefed up the look with a red choker, dark sunshades, and a braided updo. For a well-polished vibe, a suit is a proven choice to have maximum impact.

#3. The sporty chic: Rihanna in a v-neck woman’s Jersey

Football jersey must have caught the eyes of the Fenty billionaire this season. After changing the course of maternity fashion, she proceeds to show us how sporty fashion is done. Rihanna has been spotted recently in modish sporty takes, and this number 25 silver football jersey paired with gray-washed Diesel jeans, a choker, and 6-inch heels is one of the worthy celebrity outfits to replicate ASAP.

#4. The see-through trend: Zendaya in Valentino

How can you surf through elegant celebrity looks without a Zendaya fit popping up? Zendaya attended the Unboxing Valentino show in an all-black see-through coordination by the brand. If you want to try out the see-through trend this November, do it the Zendaya way. A quick tip: Don’t stay out too long.

#5. The metallic trend: Keke Palmer in Paco Rabanne

Metallics are on overdrive this season, and by the look of things, they are here to stay. Keke Palmer wore an SS23 Paco Rabanne metallic dress to the Nope movie premiere. Be daring in a head-to-toe metallic outfit — a metallic dress, matching shoes, and jewelry, but do make it slap different.

#6. Sparkle in sequins: Tracee Ellis Ross in Laquan Smith

Sequins have become the go-to celebrity outfits, whether for birthday celebrations, social media shoots, or red-carpet events. Tracee Ellis Ross wore a sequin bandeau, leggings, and matching bomber jacket from Laquan Smith for her 50th birthday celebration. If you’re still sprung about your birthday shoot ideas, you’re welcome.

#7. Oversize jackets: Sabrina Elba in Balenciaga

Colorful monochromatic coordination, but keep it Fall friendly. This exaggerated-collar oversize jacket and matching tights look is one way to pull up with panache like a certified star girl. Sabrina Elba set things straight with complementary cat eye sunshades and a bob haircut that put the F in fierce fall fashion. A good day for the perfect fashion dupes is on an overly chilly day.

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