The majority of couples want to have a memorable wedding day, they also want it to be special, meaningful, and a celebration of love. Whether you are having a small and intimate wedding or a big and luxurious one, the goal is to make your wedding memorable. If you’re wondering how to go about that, here are 8 simple tips to make your wedding the most talked about.

8 Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

Observe other Weddings

Think of other weddings that you have attended before. What did you exactly dislike or like at that wedding? Would you have done it differently? This is the best point to start from when you begin to plan for your wedding. It is a good point for you to identify the mistakes and ensure you correct them in your own wedding.


Personalize your day with a thrilling theme that represents your interests or style. Ensure everything is in theme for instance dress code, selfie photo frames, sunglasses, backdrops, and flowers. Everything has to be in the theme just as you want. The theme should be what you and your guests will appreciate.


I have never seen a wedding that misses photos. Photographs are a dominant way of owning your day. You can have some on display, get a photo album, or a guest book for signing. You can also have a TV for the photo slide show or photo frames.


Food is very crucial in any gathering or event. It should be uniquely sumptuous and enough for everyone. Did you ever hear people complaining about the food at previous weddings? Food is that serious and must be planned for properly when preparing for a wedding.

Beautiful Venue & Location

Whether you dream of getting married in a church or on a beach or If you had an indoor wedding in mind; The location to the interior, to the décor: your guests will take notice. Once you know the size of your guest list, select a venue that will be able to handle your party perfectly. Keep in mind the size in location or the venue, the amenities, and the staff when making your selection. 

Include Fun Takeaways and Activities

Be sure your guests won’t be bored for a second and offer fun activities and take-aways at your wedding. Activities and wedding favors are sure to keep your guests smiling throughout.


After dinner is done, the music becomes the focus! Whether you select a DJ, Band, or other forms of entertainment, they will set the tone for the rest of the night while you cut loose and enjoy yourself!

Use A Wedding Hashtag

Hashtags are free to create and make an online stamp for your wedding. Think about a hashtag that uses your future last name or the theme of your wedding and encourage guests to use it in their posts. You can also integrate it leading up to the wedding to ramp up the excitement and celebrate a little early.

Your Dream Wedding Dress

Picking out the perfect wedding dress could be harder than you think. It may take some time. If you have no idea what you are looking for, try checking Online. Hadassah Bridals has some great ideas that can help you figure out what you are looking for.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days you’ll never forget. You’ll spend months planning and preparing to make that day memorable for you, your future spouse, and your guests.

Be sure to use these tips during your planning process to ensure you’re making it memorable for everyone.

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