Multi-faceted mogul and founder of Beth Model Africa, Elohor Elizabeth Isiorho, is the cover star of TheWill Downtown Magazine‘s latest issue.

In this issue, Elohor talks about how her journey as a realtor began, her wedding planning business and much more. 

Elohor looks effortlessly chic on the cover, rocking a stunning asymmetric white and denim. Beauty-wise, she opts for her signature long wavy hair with a smokey eye look.

Read excerpts from the interview below.

On her new model scouting competition

After COVID, I decided to rebrand my model search. I realised that instead of working with one agency, I could work with agencies all around the world. Because when I was working with Elite, I was restricted to just Elite, whereas a few other agencies wanted my models’ services. Being independent of Elite opens more doors and opportunities for me; we get more clients and agencies to work with. Back then, as much as everybody knew me as Beth, it was like Beth-Elite.

Also, the international agency doesn’t want to work with its competitors. Elite, for instance, wouldn’t want to work with someone that works with another agency. So I was restricted to working with just Elite, but with Future Face Africa, we get to work with as many agencies as would like our services. Having my own model search competition is something I’ve always wanted to do, but you know how it is; starting something new is also very scary

On what the Future Face Africa competition has in store for its next edition

What we have decided to do next year is make it more for the everyday woman as well, because we realised that we don’t want to focus on all the international markets. I mean, the African market pleases the everyday woman more. So we are open to sizes 8 to 16 next year, boys with different looks. I don’t want it to be your regular skinny girl model search. If you notice, from fashion weeks now as well, it is more of the everyday woman, with plus-size models and all that.

On aspiring wedding planners looking to delve into the luxury wedding and event planning business

Most people don’t know that before I started my wedding planning business, I studied a lot of courses, did research, and went to many exhibitions and seminars. I had courses with Preston Bailey, and Sarah Haywood, London, from different markets. You have to research and know your market, the people you want to work with, and what kind of weddings you want to do.

On why young women need to invest in real estate

I would say I think it’s easier for guys than women. I’m talking about property development because you have to work with contractors. However, most of these contractors are men, and when they hear a woman, they don’t take you seriously, so you have to be street-wise as well.

It’s a good business; I wish I had started in my 20s. Because now, real estate is booming, and properties are going up by the day. I remember seeing a property last year in Ikoyi for like 200 million Naira, and now that same property is going for 800 million. So now I advise young girls to invest in real estate while they are younger because later on, they will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Read the full interview here.



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