As we usher in 2024, bespoke womenswear designers find themselves at a crossroads between creativity, work-life balance, and fair compensation. This article seeks to guide designers in navigating these complexities, offering insights and actionable tips to help them enjoy more personal time and establish deserving pricing structures.

  • Streamline Workflow with Technology:
    Harness cutting-edge technologies and design software to streamline your workflow, boosting efficiency and allowing for a healthier work-life balance

  • Outsource Non-Creative Tasks:
    Delegate administrative, bookkeeping, and marketing tasks to professionals or virtual assistants, freeing up your time for artistic pursuits and personal endeavours.

  • Implement a Premium Pricing Strategy:
    Evaluate your skills and experience, then reflect the exclusivity and quality of your designs in your pricing. A well-deserved price increase boosts income and positions you as a high-value designer.

  • Communicate Value to Clients:
    Clearly articulate the value of your bespoke creations, emphasizing the intricate design process, premium materials, and personalized attention. Justify higher prices and create a sense of exclusivity.

  • Introduce Limited Edition Collections:
    Create limited edition collections to instil urgency and exclusivity, justifying higher prices and driving demand for your unique designs.

  • Invest in Marketing and Branding:
    Allocate resources to enhance your brand image through strategic marketing. Craft a compelling brand story, invest in professional photography, and leverage social media for broader visibility.

  • Collaborate with Influencers and Celebrities:
    Partner with influencers or celebrities aligned with your brand aesthetic to boost visibility and perceived value. Showcase collaborations with well-known personalities wearing your bespoke creations.


In 2024, bespoke womenswear designers can strike a balance between work and personal life while commanding higher prices for their unique creations. By adopting technology, outsourcing tasks, implementing premium pricing, and investing in marketing, designers can elevate their brands and reap the rewards professionally and personally. Remember, your time and talent are invaluable—price them accordingly. (Note: Images are conceptual and should align with the designer’s brand and style, featuring professional photography reflecting the essence of their work.)




Hi, I am Kofoworola and I write the Fashion Business Series on I work with busy purpose-driven fashion designers to set up standard operating procedures to help them smoothly run their businesses. Using my TFP formulae – the proven process strategic framework from my own journey, I help designers free up time and dramatically reduce overwhelm so they can focus on other diverse activities. I have worked in the fashion industry for ten years, as a fashion designer and pattern-making instructor at Koffykombs Clothings. I have also worked as a fashion Consultant at Deola Sagoe Limited, and as a pattern maker and production supervisor at TUBO, OSC Mass production company, and House of Gold fashion house, among others.

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