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Accra Fashion Week has been the base for discovering almost every top model in the nation of Ghana and neighbouring country Togo. Their accute precision for scouting hopefuls and potentials has projected some models onto the international stage and gained the contracts in Western countries and so forth.

Prior to Accra Fashion Week, model agents in Ghana and fashion shows would mainly book models based on popularity, after which things changed when the nation witnessed the fashion week bring standards to the industry in 2016 based on beauty, height and dress size.

Names like Grace Quaye, Maxwell Annoh, Celine, are just a handful of models spotted at Accra Fashion Week or scouted by CEO Nana Tamakloe. So it’s only right we serve the introduction of new models who really pushed the bounderies at this year’s event captivating guests eyes in the ravishing outfits by the designers they rocked.

Below are some of the new models featured on the show that we reccomend you definitely keep your eyes on.

Shilla Appiah by no doubt proved to be the catwalk model of the show, breathing life into every outfit and making a name for herself as a catwalk queen. The young beauty made her debut presence on Accra Fashion Week being nothing less than impressive to every designer she stepped into.

The beautiful Ewonam Konu, although young was extremely confident on the runway as well as scooping the Face of Accra Fashion Week 2024 title. Her tremendous figure served as the perfect mannequin for many creatives and we are expecting to see a lot more from her in the near future.

Joining a throng of ladies sething in from neighbouring country Togo, Emmanuella got the chance to experience Accra Fashion Week, and Accra Fashion Week got the chance to experience her. The long legged beauty proved she was a fashion killer in heels the moment she stepped on the runway, fitted the perfect description of mainstream fashion models, there is no doubt she is heading for global success.

If dark skinned is an asset, Antionette was flowing with abundance on the runway. Fitting perfectly with the requirement all whilst flaunting her curves on the runway, the short haired beauty easily captivated eyes and brought out the sultriness in every outfit.


Ella (Confidence Models)

Ella is an impressive young lady who went from not knowing how to balance herself in heels to walking the runway of Ghana’s biggest event in just 2 weeks. Ella who struggled simply just to take two steps in heels sucked up her courage and joined top models of the nation on the runway. Asides her quick growth, her stunning looks and perfect model physique sets a very promising future for the aspirant.

Susan is definitely amongst the versatile models on the show, tall curvy enough for all commercial shoots and glamour fashion, and tall enough to make a statement on the runway. With her perfect skin tone and her unconventional looks, shes definitely capable of opening various doors for her modeling career in Ghana.

Awenlie’s unique feature is set to make her an easily recognisable face internationally if worked right. The slender and slim beauty only began her runway journey this year and was booked across many shows including AFWk, and by no doubt she is definitely getting the attention of international agents.

Kelly is a beauty all the way from Seychelles. Making her grand davu on Accra Fashion Week, the fresh face became the demand of almost every designer. Her calm persona set the presidence for her professionalism, primary factor that would easily help her launch her impeccable beauty.

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