It is another Friday, yaay and we know too many of us are happy it is Friday.  It is that time of the week when we want to let go of all the strung up muscles and emotions and go have fun in whatever way we choose.

Which is why this is the perfect moment to look stylish, classy and extra elegant. For most people, you have perhaps spent the week wearing flats and suits.

So, why not go a bit extra on Friday night night? Dig out your long forgotten heels, short dresses, tubes, denims, shorts and go have a fun night in town.

These 13 Photos Would Give You A Closer Look At Uche Jombo’s Unusual But Sensational Style

Interested? We’ve got you. Below are some Friday night style inspiration useful for every woman.

 1. All black with a lovely bowler hat

2. Rock an easy breezy dress with statement jewellry

3. Make your shirts useful just as this lady did.

4. Off shoulder, denim and cute earrings.

5. Get sexy with this superb red dress.

6. Be daring. Rock a top like this.

7. Got great breasts? Why not flaunt it.

8. Go all out like this lady here did.

9. A low back dress is perfect for a night out

10. Rock a tutu and crop just like this lady

11. Got good legs? Then show it off

12. Ankara! Who says you can’t rock it?

13. A little pink dress wins the day.