Nigerian activist and actor Charly Boy has come out to drop his two cents on the issue of tribalism in Nigeria.

Taking to social media, Charly Boy stated that as long as tribalism is not separating an Igbo girl from a Yoruba man, then he doesn’t see how tribalism should separate an Igbo man and a Yoruba man.
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The issue of tribalism is one age long problem that has affected the growth of Nigerians and to date, it is still affecting the country. Since the news broke of Nnamdi Kanu’s release, many have expressed their joy at the fact that he was finally released by the Nigerian government.
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Now Charly Boy has stated that we all should live together in peace and harmony because love rules all. On the gram he wrote, make me Understand, If tribalism can’t separate Yoruba men from Igbo girls why should it separate Yoruba men from Igbo men?charly boy

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