The sweater vest quietly sneaked in on us, took a seat in our closets, and even had the audacity to pour itself a bottle of wine. But guess what? We’re not ringing the alarm ‘cuz we honestly don’t mind. After all, these years away from the spotlight, sweater vests are so in and we’re definitely trying out new and creative ways to rock them. Certainly, that’s what any fashionista would do, right?

This is one handy piece to layer with your trans-seasonal wardrobe staples. (Trans-seasonal describes those days occurring in the course of the year where it’s not quite summer or winter but somewhere in between. Yeah, those days when the weather tries to take a joke on us). Think shirts, scarves, denim, skirts, etc. There are many stylish ways to rock sweater vests and that’s a relief from the basic approach this piece has always had. If you don’t have them, start ordering yours now, or raid your grandpa’s closet. Just kidding, leave grandpa out of this!

Check out 5 effortlessly stylish ways to rock sweater vests like a pro…

#1. Vests X shirt dress

Layering sweater vests on an oversized shirt dress gives off an effortlessly chic vibe that even grandpa would approve of! The slayage of this outfit is one that all would notice and certainly concur with. I assure you, someone somewhere has already pinned this look for their autumn closet, but you can go ahead and rock it first.


#2. Nothing but your vests on

This is the ultimate layering piece, we know. Go the less predictable route and wear it solo.  I hear it’s now called the shest (shirt + vest) trend. Whether you consider the name genius or not, that doesn’t change how well it flatters most figures, yours included. Pair with wide-legged pants or a skater skirt ‘cuz it’s totally in line for a slightly hot day. Go on, try it out.


#3. Explore colors

Sometimes, when it comes to curating a memorable look, colors are all you need to do the magic. Interestingly, this fall has welcomed a lot of primary colors (and a few secondary ones. See the article here). That is to say, you can rock your sweater in your favorite color and you’ll be in the right. Colorful sweater vests are lovely with that retro feel, what a fun look this is.

#4. Oversized sweater vests

The trick is to buy a vest that’s one or two sizes bigger. These flowy options help the waist to appear cinched when belted. Also, it can be worn in all its oversized glory. This is undoubtedly a great way to rock the sweater vests in a way that breaks necks and draws all attention to yourself. 


#5. Elevate with accessories

The right accessories will take an everyday look to red carpet-ready in a split second. One of the boujee ways to rock sweater vests is to throw on statement accessories to automatically elevate your look. 

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