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In a heartfelt journey of healing, fashion designer and Comperé artist, Michael Okunloro, has unveiled a vibrant collection called Ìtura. The collection not only represents a personal transformation but also serves a noble cause, aiming to raise funds for kidney patients in Nigeria. The fashion label Twelve19styles stands as a beacon of social responsibility, shining light on the struggles of others and leveraging the power of fashion to make a difference.

In March of last year, Michael’s world was turned upside down when his mother passed away due to a failed kidney transplant. The weight of grief coupled with the loneliness of a new city overwhelmed him. However, upon returning to England after attending his mother’s funeral, Michael recalled her encouragement to wear colored suits during his early days as a Comperé. Recognizing the power of colors to convey life, happiness, and joy, he decided to channel his emotions into designing a collection of vibrant suits. Daily photo shoots in central London became his escape, marking the beginning of his healing process.

As Michael strolled through the city, strangers were drawn to the radiant colors he wore. They approached him with warm smiles and showered him with compliments. In those fleeting encounters, he experienced the profound impact of human connection, realizing that we often know very little about the battles others face. A simple smile became a source of upliftment, reminding him of the power of positivity and empathy.

In August of the same year, fueled by his newfound sense of optimism, Michael embarked on a 21-day writing challenge centered around men’s fashion. On the 17th day, he sought feedback from his audience on potential topics to cover. Among the numerous responses, one stood out – “write about colors to wear to help with depression.” This feedback deeply resonated with Michael, as it mirrored his own experiences. Intrigued, he delved into extensive research on the psychological effects of colors on human mood and happiness, the culmination of this journey resulted in the birth of the Ìtura collection. Translating to “comfort” in English, Ìtura represents a love-based pain transformed into a fashion collection aimed at spreading happiness. The collection features vibrant colors and contemporary designs, reflecting Michael’s vision of bringing joy and positivity into people’s lives through fashion.

What sets the Ìtura collection apart is its commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of others. A portion of the profits generated from the collection’s sales will be used to support kidney patients in Nigeria. With kidney disease being a prevalent issue in the country, Michael hopes that his efforts will contribute to alleviating the suffering of those affected.

The Ìtura collection is now available for purchase on Twelve19styles’ official website, www.Twelve19styles.com. Fashion enthusiasts can not only embrace the joy of vibrant colors but also participate in a noble cause, supporting kidney patients in Nigeria.

As Twelve19styles highlights concerns for social good through its ìtura collection, Michael Adebowale Okunloro’s dedication to making a positive impact serves as an inspiration. By intertwining fashion, personal experiences, and social responsibility, Michael has created a brand that aims to uplift spirits and bring comfort to those in need. With each vibrant garment purchased, individuals can contribute to the betterment of lives, embodying the power of fashion for social change.

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